[Review] The Silver Tide by Jen Williams

The Silver Tide

Series: The Copper Promise #3
Genre: Fantasy
Publisher: Headline
Release date: 25th February 2016
This edition: NetGalley ARC

Note: This review may contain general spoilers for the previous books in this trilogy.


Tales of the Black Feather Three and their exploits abound far and wide, and Wydrin of Crosshaven, Lord Aaron Frith and Sir Sebastian have become sell swords in demand. Having foiled powerful mages and evil magic, they now face a challenge unlike any before – in the form of Wydrin’s mother.

Devinia the Red, notorious pirate and captain of the Poison Chalice, is intent on finding the fabled treasure hidden within the jungles of the cursed island of Euriale. She needs the skills of her daughter Wydrin and her companions to get there, and our heroes cannot resist the lure of coin and adventure. But no explorer has returned from the heart of the island, and it’s not long before the Three find themselves in the clutches of peril. Deep within the island of the gods, there are remnants of forces best left undisturbed…

So it’s time to say goodbye to this amazing trilogy. I DON’T WANT TO.

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[Review] Swordspoint, Part 1

So! On Sunday night, while everyone else was watching some sort of sports event (sportsball!), I settled in with a cup of hot chocolate, a box of truffles and the copy of Swordspoint that I’ve been gazing longingly at for what feels like FOREVER as it sat on my bookshelf. The first five chapters have been read (as per my schedule), squealed at and mulled over, and today I shall present my thoughts in a more coherent form.

Please note that there will be book spoilers in these reviews. There may also be mentions of Tremontaine-related things, though I will do my best to keep these spoiler-free.

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[Read Along] Kushiel’s Scion, Part 6

Kushiel's Scion

It is time for Part 6 of the Kushiel’s Scion Read Along, and things are taking a bit of a grim turn for Imriel and company…

This week we’re discussing chapters 45 to 52, and our host is Susan at Dab of Darkness. If you’d like to keep up with the Read Along, you can do so here, and there’s still time to participate – just drop Susan an email via her blog.

Let’s get started (spoilers below)!

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Mini Rainbows: The Honey Month, Part 2

The weekend is upon me, and before it gets really busy, let’s take some time for a cup of tea, a breather, and some tasty honey!

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Mini Rainbows: The Honey Month, Part 1

OK! First post in a new blog feature! Let’s start with a bit of explanation, for those who haven’t heard it:

Mini Rainbows* is something I came up with in order to bring a bit more of a spotlight to the short SF/F stories I read. In addition to highlighting stories that stand out for me on Twitter (#MiniRainbows), I intend to write semi-regular posts to expand upon any favourite short fiction I’ve read. This will vary as much as I’m able to vary it – it may simply be the highlights of short stories from magazines, or it may be a review of a novella or two (similar themes permitting). Or, as in this case, it may be a more story-by-story account of my reading journey through an anthology or collection of stories by an author.

To start off February with a bit of anti-January, if you will (it was cold and miserable and my mind did not enjoy it), I’m going to blog my way through Amal El-Mohtar’s short fiction collection, The Honey Month.

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[Review] Tremontaine, S1E13: “Departures”

DeparturesIt’s that time. The first season finale of Tremontaine is out in the world, and now I get to talk about it. Dear sweet baby teacups, it was everything I wanted (and a thing or two I was NOT ready for).

Let’s discuss Tremontaine. (With spoilers!)

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Recap: January 2016

Well. January was kind of miserable, wasn’t it. But! At least it’s over now, and February can be about pancakes and chocolate and all of it gets to be for me and nobody else. *Starts hoarding*

But in the meantime, here’s a look back at all the bookish and bloggish stuff I got done in the last month.

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[Read Along] Kushiel’s Scion, Part 5

Kushiel's ScionWe are into the fifth week of the Kushiel’s Scion Read Along, and the plot is thickening…

Our host this week is Lynn, and we’re covering chapters 37 to 44. If you want to follow the read along, the schedule is here along with weekly links to participants’ posts.

Spoilers inbound!

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Coming Soon: A Swordspoint group read!

So! With the first season of Tremontaine at an end (as of now my review of the final episode is still in progress), there’s about to be a Riverside-shaped hole in my life for a while.

But not that long! Because I have given in to the weight of temptation and decided to start on the Riverside novels, beginning with Swordspoint, while I wait for the serial to return later this year. In fact, in the spirit of my Tremontaine reviews, which a few people seem to enjoy, I’ll be setting up my first read of the novel as a sort of group activity. See below for the details!

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[Read Along] Rosemary and Rue, Part 4


We have come to the end of Rosemary and Rue, and the first October Daye read along seems to have gone pretty well! Now let’s see what folks made of the ending…

Hosting duties have returned to me this week, and we’re covering chapters 21 to the end. You can keep track of this (and other) SF/F Read Alongs at our Goodreads group page.

Spoilers below!

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