Spotlight: Hero Born by Andy Livingstone

Today I’ve got one of Harper Voyager’s upcoming “digital first” releases for your spotlight-y consideration!

For those wondering what I’m on about when I say “digital first”, Harper Voyager put out a worldwide call in 2012 for unagented submissions, and selected 15 authors for debut publication. Today, I’m featuring the adult debut novel of the only Scot to make the cut (hooray!)…

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Read Along: Two Serpents Rise – Week Two


It’s the second week of this readalong, we are halfway into the book and eeeeverything is kicking off now. Action, drama, mystery and musings – this round has it all! I’m your host this week, please feel free to leave comments and share your thoughts, whether you’ve read the book before or you’re new to it, like I am. This week we’re reading through Chapter 16 to Interlude: Dreams, and as always – spoiler alert!

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Read Along: Two Serpents Rise – Week One




(Banner courtesy of Anya at On Starships & Dragonwings)

It has begun! In case you missed the previous announcement, today kicks off a series of weekly posts discussing the second book in Max Gladstone’s Craft Sequence series. Our host this week is Susan at Dab of Darkness, and before we get to the Q&A goodness, this is your usual reminder that spoilers await below the cut

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City of Stairs – Paperback Release

City of StairsToday’s post is a little bit of excited flailing for one of last year’s biggest book hits, as it marks the upcoming UK release of Robert Jackson Bennett’s City of Stairs in paperback!

Why am I so excited for this? Well, for one thing this book was one of my absolute favourite reads of 2014.

For another, this paperback edition will, according to those in the know at Jo Fletcher Books, also contain a preview of City of Blades – the much-anticipated sequel!

Now, I’m not normally the type to read previews or excerpts; I usually prefer to have the whole thing in my hands before I lay eyes on the tasty wordy goodness. However, I am occasionally willing to make an exception, and this will totally be one of them. MUST READ.

City of Stairs is out in paperback from Jo Fletcher Books on April 2nd 2015.