Kushiel’s Dart Read Along: Week 8

Kushiel's DartWelcome to the eighth week of this epic-sized read along. The eighth week! Hard to believe we’ll soon be at the finale, but as for the story, it’s picking up very nicely indeed! There’s much to discuss, and in fact we’ve got a few questions more than usual from this week’s host, Lynn over at Lynn’s Book Blog. This week we’re covering chapters 64 through to 73, so let’s get discussing! (As always, beware of spoilers!)

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Review – For Exposure: The Life and Times of a Small Press Publisher, by Jason Sizemore

For Exposure












Genre: Non-fiction; autobiography
Publisher: Apex Book Company
Publication date: June 20th 2015
This edition: Ebook (review copy, received from the publisher)


What does it take to become a Hugo and Stoker Award-nominated editor and publisher? Follow Jason Sizemore’s unconventional professional path as it winds through a tiny, overheated Baptist church deep within the coal fields of Appalachia, Kentucky, past a busted printer and a self-serving boss that triggered an early mid-life crisis and the epiphany that he should open a magazine spreading the gospel of science fiction to the masses, all the way to WorldCon 2012 and his first Hugo Awards ceremony.

In this collection of semi-true and sometimes humorous essays, Jason exposes the parties, people, and triumphs that shaped him into the Apex Overlord. He also lays bare the hardships and failures that have threatened to take it all away. Meet Thong Girl, heed the warning about the ham, receive rest stop bathroom wisdom, and visit an emergency room straight out of a horror movie in this extraordinary account of life as a publisher and editor.

With rebuttal essays from Maurice Broaddus, Monica Valentinelli, Lesley Conner, and more, For Exposure tells Jason’s story with insight from key players along his road to success. It is a comprehensive and frank look at what Apex and the genre publishing business is about. Take a shot with the publisher, dance the night away, and become a legend. And do it all For Exposure.

Regular readers of this blog (if there are such people) may well be aware of my recent yet ever-growing appreciation for short SF/F fiction, and how much of it is due to discovering Apex Magazine. By this point I’ve got a regular subscription, I’ve reviewed a couple of their anthologies and a bunch of their monthly issues, and I’ve had the pleasure of interviewing The Man Himself (check it out for some of his personal recommendations!) and reviewing his own short fiction collection. With all of this in mind I jumped at the chance to review this book, and I’m happy to report that it left me more impressed than ever.

Well, one part of it scared me a little, but we’ll get to that…

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Read Along: Kushiel’s Dart, Week 7

Kushiel's DartThe seventh week of this read along is upon us! We’re drawing near to the end of the book now, and the gears of purpose are turning…

This week we’re examining chapters 55 through 63, with Susan at Dab of Darkness once more providing the questions. So let’s get examining – but, as always, do mind the spoilers

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Read Along: Kushiel’s Dart, Week 6

Kushiel's DartIt’s time for another round of political intrigue, with a new level of drama reached and some unexpected(?) romance (sort of) thrown in! The Kushiel’s Dart Read Along has reached its sixth week, and I’m getting more and more fascinated with this story all the time…

Our host this week is Grace at Books Without Any Pictures, and we’re covering chapters 46 through 54. Spoilers are, as per usual, all over the place below the cut…

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Read Along: Kushiel’s Dart, Week 5

Kushiel's Dart Well. Week 5 of this Read Along is upon us, and let me just start by saying I AM NOT OKAY.

*Pushes mountain of tissues to one side*

But I will get to that in due course. For the moment, let’s just say that this week’s chapters saw the book’s most shocking developments yet taking place…

This week’s captain of the ship is Igret over at Igret’s Corner, and needless to say (but I’ll say it anyway), HERE BE SPOILERS. Oh God, here indeed be spoilers…

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Review: Jonathan Strange & Mr Norrell, Episode 3: “The Education of a Magician”

strange and norrell

Well! The third episode of this show was no stranger to high drama, with shocks and twists for everybody concerned! Before I get to unspooling my thoughts, please note that this review will contain spoilers! If you haven’t seen this episode/the series so far and want to, I’d suggest turning away…

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Recap: May 2015

Another month gone means time for another recap! (Also, is anyone else so not ready for it to be June? Good grief.)

Thanks to the beginning of a new readalong and a shiny new TV review undertaking, not much else got written about this month, but at least I am posting with regularity! That’s new and interesting, at least to me, heh! There are a few tasty nuggets of What I’ve Been Reading on the side, however, so let’s get highlighting…

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Read Along: Kushiel’s Dart, Week 4

Kushiel's DartWelcome to Week 4 of the Kushiel’s Dart Read Along! This week sees us reading chapters 29 through 36, with the questions put forth by our esteemed hostess, Susan at Dab of Darkness. You can also keep up to date with participants’ posts at our Goodreads group page.

This week we’ve got new characters joining the party, as well as curious – and surprising! – goings-on left, right and centre. So do mind the spoilers. Otherwise, let’s get speculative…

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Review: Jonathan Strange & Mr Norrell, Episode 2: “How is Lady Pole?”

strange and norrell

All right then! As I laze about with a belly full of pancakes on this bank holiday Monday, let’s talk about one of my new favourite things. Yup. New favourite thing, for several reasons. Follow me and I will elaborate – but please do mind the spoilers!

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Read Along: Kushiel’s Dart, Week 3


Kushiel's DartWeek 3 is upon us, and this week sees me hosting the Read Along! We’re covering chapters 19 through 26, and good lord there’s a lot of drama going on this week! As always, please note there will be spoilery content below, and also as always, feel free to check out our Goodreads group page.

Now, let’s get to the questions…

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