The Human Division, Episode 4: A Voice In The Wilderness

Albert Birnbaum was once one of the biggest political talk show hosts around, but these days hes watching his career enter a death spiral. A stranger offers a solution to his woes, promising to put him back on top. Its everything Birnbaum wants, but is there a catch? And does Birnbaum actually care if there is?
Source/Image source: Goodreads
Author: John Scalzi
Edition: Kindle
Publisher: Tor Books
Published: February 5th, 2013
Yikes. I’m a bit behind in the reviews for this series, but let’s play catch up and keep the ball rolling, shall we?
The fourth episode of The Human Division sees things take a decidedly shady turn for the political on Earth, rather than out in space among the Colonial Union. It also sees the plot thicken, and once again I’m left with questions and (insert fangirl wail) not enough answers! Who is the stranger who visits Birnbaum? Who does he work for? What will his bargain with Stranger have achieved? And how much s**t will hit the fan because of it?
While I was eager for the focus to return to the Clarke by this point in the series, this is indeed a fascinating little detour, and I am curious to see where it leads and why…

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