The Human Division, Episode 5: Tales From The Clarke

Captain Sophia Coloma of the Clarke has a simple task: Ferry around representatives from Earth in an ageing spaceship that the Colonial Union hopes to sell to them. But nothing is as simple as it seems, and Coloma discovers the ship she’s showing off holds surprises of its own…and it’s not the only one with secrets.
Source/Image: Goodreads
Author: John Scalzi
Edition: Kindle
Publisher: Tor Books
Published: February 12th, 2013
Back in space! And there’s yet more intrigue afoot, as A Simple Task turns out to be not quite so simple… What a surprise. Captain Coloma seems to be one of the growing cast of characters who could be central to whatever deliciously dastardly plot Scalzi is cooking up in this story, and I have to admit I’m eager to see what she and the B-Team we were first introduced to will get up to over the course of the rest of this series. At this point I have to add, also, that my mind’s eye is positively soaking up the visuals in this book (no doubt a mark of becoming quite the little sci-fi geek, as I seem to have done of late...), particularly when it comes to the spacebound action scenes… 
The tension level in this episode reached a nice peak, and again with the intrigue! At the risk of sounding like a full-blown fangirl, if I don’t start getting answers soon I’m going to burst! So bring on the rest of this thing. I’ll be here.
Right here.

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