The Human Division, Episode 10: This Must Be The Place

Colonial Union diplomat Hart Schmidt is back home for Harvest Day celebrations to a family whose members wonder whether its youngest son isn’t wasting his life clinging to the lowest rung of the CUs diplomatic ladder. When his father, a legendarily powerful politician, presents him with a compelling offer, Schmidt has to take stock of his life and career.

Source: Goodreads

Author: John Scalzi
Publisher: Tor Books
Edition: Kindle

This week‘s episode is quite a change in pace from the previous episodes. It gives us a short but sweet look into the private life of a supporting character – Hart Schmidt – as he goes home to his family for a holiday dinner and is immediately pressured by his father to get out of his work with the Colonial Union and find something more likely to bring him success. By the end we hear from Hart about why he doesn’t intend to do so…

I liked this episode. It’s a big step away from the space-bound politics, intrigue and drama that shows us the effect that it can have on a ‘player’ who’s otherwise not as forward on the board as some others, but who is in some ways just as much on the frontline. It’s quiet and thoughtful where the previous episodes have mostly been more obviously dramatic – though it also makes me half suspect Bad Things in Hart’s future… or is that just me, being cynical?   

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