Frost Child (A Rebel Angels Story)

Edition: Kindle (via Amazon UK) | Publisher: Very Bad Wolf | Published: December 2011 | My rating: 5/5

Sithe captain Griogair MacLorcan is his queen’s fighter of choice, skilled and ruthless at clearing her glens of the vile Lammyr. He is not used to them coming back, so when they defiantly return, holding a young Sithe girl captive, Griogair doesn’t hesitate to rout them and free the child.

But the girl Lilith has been a long time with Lammyr, and keeps secrets of her own.

The most vulnerable of creatures can be the most deadly.

I picked up this novella, a prequel to Gillian Philip’s Rebel Angel series, both out of curiosity – I hadn’t come across it before – and to lead myself back into the series proper, which I intend to return to – I’ve read the first book, Firebrand, once before but never reviewed it. I also own a copy of the second book, Bloodstone, so despite my cobweb-smothered memory the first book must have been pretty good.

If Frost Child is any indication of their standard, it was very good indeed. The story told here is just a glimpse into the kind of world that the series’ main characters, the brothers Seth and Conal, come from, but it’s a glimpse that’s left me eager to pick these books up again. Not to mention wondering why I ever put it down! Gillian Philip’s style of clear yet almost lyrical prose is deeply evocative when it comes to the rugged, wild world that these characters inhabit – and as a fellow Scot, I already had a deep and abiding love for that kind of rugged wilderness*. It made the scenes, as well as the scenery, come alive in my mind as I read it. For that alone, I’d thoroughly recommend this story, and I will absolutely be returning to this series and the world created in it.

*Not that I live in it. I’m a city girl. I love wilderness, but only when it goes home afterward.

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