Interview with Samantha Shannon, author of The Bone Season

Hello all! I have returned from my week-long and adventure-filled travels, and to get myself back on blogging track I have something a bit different (for me) to post today. I recently got the chance to include myself in the blog tour for the release of Samantha Shannon’s debut novel, The Bone Season, and she was good enough to answer a few questions for my relatively unititiated yet ever curious self! So if you’re in that boat with me, here’s how it went…

Hi, and welcome to Over The Effing Rainbow! Okay, first off – for those who might not know, can you tell us a little bit about your book?

It’s about a nineteen year-old clairvoyant named Paige Mahoney, who lives in a future in which clairvoyants are persecuted by the government, Scion. Paige is a particularly rare kind of clairvoyant called a dreamwalker, working in the criminal underworld of London for a mime-lord named Jaxon Hall. One day she is captured and arrested by Scion and taken to the lost city of Oxford, where she discovers a terrible secret.  

I’ve received the copy that I ordered, and I have to say I really like the cover art for The Bone Season! Though I’m curious as to what the meaning behind it all is… What’s the story with the cover design?

The cover combines three symbols that are important to the story: the dials, the amaranth and the anchor. I won’t give away what they all mean, but they are key to the world of the book. 

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The Bone Season is being presented as the ‘first in a series of seven fantasy novels’ – is there a concrete plan for the writing/releasing of the following books, or is it all open to the whims of writerly fate at this point?

I’m hoping we’ll be able to release one every year, but it all depends on how quickly I can write them. I don’t want to rush them out for the sake of meeting a deadline.

In other news, the book has already been picked up by a movie studio, and blurbed by Andy Serkis! How did the movie deal, and that connection in particular, come to be?

As far as I know, agents send out manuscripts to production companies and studios as a matter of course. Andy’s production company, the Imaginarium Studios, optioned the rights in October 2012. Their studio is in West London, where I live, so it’s easy for me to keep in touch with them.  

How closely involved will you be with that script?

I won’t write the script myself — I think it’s a very different skill to novel-writing, one that I don’t have — but I do have consultation rights, so I hope to be quite closely involved with the casting and so on, if not the script.

It’s also a very neat fact that you’ve recently graduated from university. Congratulations! How is life as a newly minted graduate treating you, with all of this extra awesomeness going on?

Thank you. I was relieved to get the grade I wanted! It’s been incredibly busy, as I’ve been doing a lot of promotion for the book’s release on 20 August, but great fun. I feel very lucky to be in this position.  

Finally, what comes next for you after the release of The Bone Season?

The next book in the series. 

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