Open Week Guest Post: Happy Birthday, BSBB!

BSBB, or Bookstore-BookBlogger Connection, is an awesome way to bring bookstores and bloggers together to help sell all those books bloggers love, that they (and booksellers!) want people to buy. It takes next to no time and effort to use, and I really like the thought that by doing so I might end up helping to sell a really good book!

One of the good folks running this site is Andrea Johnson, aka Little Red Reviewer, and she’s been kind enough to help me out with this Open Week project by sending in a guest post, both to explain a bit more about BSBB and to celebrate its first birthday. I was thrilled to realise I could help her out with that second part, so here’s her post, and I wish BSBB an awesomely happy birthday and hope for many more to come!

Happy first birthday to Bookstore Bookblogger Connection!

A little over a year ago, two friends had an idea. It was quite literally a lightbulb going off over their heads moment. It was a mad, crazy idea. One we couldn’t believe someone else hadn’t thought of first.

Many, many e-mails were sent back and forth. Many ideas were bounced around. Much was thrown at the wall and we wondered what would stick.

Last summer, Bookstore Bookblogger Connection was born. We even made cool badges.  A bunch of you know how it works, you send us a blurb for reviews you’ve published on your blog, and we provide those blurbs to bookstores to help them sell books. Bloggers are always talking about books they love, right? And booksellers are always trying to sell great books, right? Ta da!  Bloggers get a voice beyond the internet, bookstores get some free (and reader provided!) promotion cards for books, everyone wins!  

The little website that could recently celebrated it’s first year of existence. It started with a focus on science fiction and fantasy and has evolved in a massive huge database of book reviews, including author interviews, bookstore profiles, blogger profiles, and everything that makes the book industry amazing. It might have started with two bloggers, but it’s the over 75 participating bloggers who made our little idea a reality. Crowdsourced indeed. If you haven’t checked it out, I humbly request that you take a few minutes to.

One of the most fun aspects of the whole thing is if you go through the Books lists, we link directly to the blogger’s review. I DARE you to go through that list, click on a couple of links, and not have your “books you want to read” list completely explode. It is impossible.

What’s the behind the scenes look like?  Lots of lurking on book blogs and blog hops, identifying  bloggers to reach to out to. Lots of e-mails sent to bookstores, in an attempt to get some attention here and there. Some types of promotion have worked wonders, others not so much. It’s all a big beautiful learning experience. What started out as a brainstorm, turned into a zillion e-mails, and then a name, and then a website, and then something I’m proud to be passionate about.

What’s next for BSBBConnection?

– More posts in the WIN! series, features bookstores, bloggers, authors, and other industry professionals. (Are you a blogger, bookseller, author, editor, or other industry professional? Would you like to be featured in WIN!? Come on over and contact us)

– Getting more bookstores to know of our existence AND realize we’re just a bunch of people who love books. Not trying to show anyone how to do their jobs, just wanna help promote great books!

– Getting more book cover images into the book blurb pages.

So, yo, what’s your passion?

Andrea’s blog can be found here. The woman herself can also be found over here on Twitter.

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