The Chapel Perilous, by Kevin Hearne – an Iron Druid story

Kevin Hearne’s contribution to this anthology is another of his shorter Iron Druid stories, or ‘a new adventure of Atticus and Oberon’. Only this one isn’t new, so much as a campfire retelling of one of Atticus’ earliest adventures. This one features the Holy Grail in its “true” form, and how Atticus became a bit of a legend…

As always, I enjoyed this story a lot. Atticus O’Sullivan (and his wolfhound!) can always be relied on for an entertaining yarn amid their adventures, and I like a good Iron Druid storytime as much as Oberon does. 

As was perhaps inevitable, the subject matter – and the liberties taken with it – got a raised eyebrow, but that’s very secondary to the enjoyment. This isn’t exactly reference material, after all, and I can appreciate how easily it drew me in. Reading Hearne’s stories always means having a good time, and if you can’t appreciate this factor you’re probably in the wrong genre. Heck, the wrong pastime …

I do like me a good Grail story, in particular the more fascinating pagan kind of Grail story, which I admit I am newer to than the relatively more recent Christianised versions that are so abundant. This hits those buttons, and now I think I’ll remedy my pouting over how short it was with Hearne’s next short story, from Carniepunk… Moar Atticus please. 

PS. if anyone knows of more good Grail stories in fantasy fiction, sling ’em my way!

2 thoughts on “The Chapel Perilous, by Kevin Hearne – an Iron Druid story

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