Guest Post: "To Dance With The Devil" by C.T. Adams

C.T Adams is one half of the paranormal fantasy-writing duo known as Cat Adams (the other half being Cathy Clamp), and today she’s here to talk a bit about the latest book in the Blood Singer series, and how it all began…

Years ago, Cathy and I were in the Dealer’s Room at FenCon when I saw a picture of a vampire with a daisy in her teeth and WHAM!  I knew.  

I knew the character’s name–Celia Graves.  I knew she was a bodyguard, how she got those fangs, where she lived, all the details of the world.  Heck,  I even heard the radio commercials in my head.  

I froze, and I must have had an amazed expression on my face because Cathy took one look at me and said “GO.  Up to the room.  Write it down before it’s gone.”  

“But the picture . . . “

“I’ve got it.  GO.”  

The first book, BLOOD SONG, was a breeze.  It was just THERE.  Having the world, the characters, everything come to me so quickly made it easy for me to write about the job that went bad, turning her into an abomination–half vampire/half human and the underlying political plot–including her fight with the greater demon the enemy wants to loose on the World Series.

The publisher liked the idea well enough to contract for the series.  We were off and running.

The second book, SIREN SONG explores Celia’s siren heritage, and how the death curse placed on her as a child throws her into life threatening situations, including a plot by the very Siren Queen who placed the curse upon the two helpless Graves children.

In DEMON SONG a breach is opening between the demon and human dimensions.  Celia and her friends must find a way to close the breach and save the world–but at what cost?

The next book — The ISIS COLLAR deals with a Zombie Plague which is being spread by the villain by attacking grade schools and infecting children.

The ELDRITCH CONSPIRACY puts Celia in the middle of a royal wedding, making her the target of international terrorists determined to keep King Dahlmar of Rusland from marrying Celia’s siren cousin.

Which brings us to TO DANCE WITH THE DEVIL.  

It’s been a long, wild ride.  And all because of a picture I glimpsed in the Dealer’s Room at a con.  Along the way we discovered the photographer who’d taken that shot — and our publisher Tor, contacted her, so that she was the artist for the covers of the first three books.

Inspiration is a funny thing–and not something to be taken lightly or for granted.  I’ve certainly learned that, from personal experience.

…Sounds pretty interesting to me! If you think so, then check out this and a few other series by Cie and Cathy. Me, I’m going to go and figure out how much more abuse my To Be Read pile can stand…

Addicted? Me? Nah.

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