Review: The Fisherman’s Net, by Laura Lam

Fisherman's Net

Series: Pantomime/Vestigial Tales | Genre: Fantasy | Format: Kindle | Publisher: Penglass Publishing (Laura Lam) | Publication date: 1st July 2014 | My rating: 5/5

Untold centuries ago, the Archipelago was ruled by the Alder—mysterious beings who vanished, leaving behind only scattered artefacts of unknown power, called Vestige. Sometimes, a person will be lucky or unlucky enough to discover that each piece of Vestige has its own tale to tell…

The Fisherman’s Net

A humble fisherman in a village of the coast of the island of Linde buys a trinket at the market, which he discovers is Vestige. The poor man soon becomes the best fisherman in the village and marvels at his newfound wealth. One day, he ensnares a most unusual catch: a Chimaera sea maiden that isn’t meant to exist. And he’s not sure if he can let her go.

The second of Laura Lam’s Vestigial Tales short stories is considerably shorter than the first (The Snake Charm), but is just as well-told.

The story itself is pretty simple, and is as the blurb says – but what impressed me were the aspects it leaves out. The style of the story, for one – it’s written very much like a classic fable, which alone makes it stand apart from its predecessor. It’s a nice touch that doesn’t attempt to milk too much out of a story that’s better left as short and punchy as it is.

Another thing I loved was Laura’s description of the Chimaera sea maiden that the fisherman catches. No sweet and pretty Disney mermaids here; this is a creature that’s clearly enthralling to humans, but has that edge of something dangerous that makes it a better idea to leave them the hell alone. You know, if one is smart enough to take the hint…

Also, I’m really enjoying the exploration of various types of Vestige to be found in this fictional world from the Pantomime novels. These magical gadgets have fascinated me from the start, so having this as the common element, if you will, in these short stories is pretty pleasing to me.

Bring on the next one – and, hopefully one day, a print collection… *Goes off into a bookworm daydream*

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