SciFi November Spotlight: The Lonely Dark by Ren Warom


I aten’t dead! There will be new reviews soon, but for today I’ve got a tasty little spotlight for you, courtesy of the fab UK publisher Fox Spirit Books! Take a look below at one of their latest science fiction releases…



Irenon and the Cerenauts aboard her will be the final hope of thousands of colonists deserted after the failure of the AI deep space programme. The burden falls on Ingmar and Yuri, orphans both, chosen for their ability to cope with isolation and innate mental strength. But how to anticipate what level of strength might be needed when only one creature, the AI Danai, knows what waits for them out there in the darkness? Danger that cannot be seen, quantified, or understood. That will find them in their worst and best memories, the sanctuaries and horrors of their past and, eventually, the corridors of the Irenon herself.

This is where Ingmar will finally understand the last words Danai said to her, a warning: Stay away from the lonely dark.

Creepy sci-fi? Gimme! I will definitely be keeping an eye out for this release, due in December. In the meantime, here’s a bit about the author:

renRen’s a writer of weird things, not known for an ability to fit into boxes of any description. Published in various places, including anthologies by the fabulous Fox Spirit and Anachron presses, and THIS IS HOW YOU DIE, from Grand Central publishing. Represented by the fabulous Jennifer Udden of Donald Maass Literary Agency, Ren’s looking to invade book shops near you very soon. Find her on twitter @RenWarom, on Facebook /ren.warom and on the web at

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