Spotlight: Hero Born by Andy Livingstone

Today I’ve got one of Harper Voyager’s upcoming “digital first” releases for your spotlight-y consideration!

For those wondering what I’m on about when I say “digital first”, Harper Voyager put out a worldwide call in 2012 for unagented submissions, and selected 15 authors for debut publication. Today, I’m featuring the adult debut novel of the only Scot to make the cut (hooray!)…

Hero Born


At the darkest hour, when all hope is lost, a hero is born.

When Brann is wrenched from his family home after witnessing its destruction and the death of those he holds dear, he is thrust into a life of slavery.

Miles away, a deposed and forgotten Emperor seeks an instrument to use in his bid to rise once again to power. Ruthless and determined, nothing and no one will stand in his way.

Brann might be the Emperor’s tool, but heroes can be forged in the most unlikely of ways…

I just love that cover art – and the blurb sounds pretty intriguing as well! If you’re also interested, Hero Born will be the first book in a trilogy (The Seeds of Destiny), and released as an ebook on June 1st. You can pre-order it from Amazon UK now.

About the Author:

Andy Livingstone was born on New Year’s Day in 1968 and grew up with an enthusiastic passion for sport (particularly football) and reading. Asthma saw to it that he spent more time participating in the latter than the former and an early childhood encounter with The Hobbit awakened a love of epic and heroic fantasy that has never let him go. He is a press officer and former journalist and lives in Lanarkshire, Scotland, with his wife, Valerie, and two teenage sons, Adam and Nathan, as well as having four adult stepchildren, Martyn, Jonathon, Melissa and Nicolas, and four grand-bundles-of-energy: Joshua, Riah, Jayden and Ashton. He can be found on Twitter @markethaven and at his website,



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