Read Along: Full Fathom Five, Week 4

Banner by Anya @ On Starships and Dragonwings
Banner by Anya @ On Starships and Dragonwings

The final week of our Full Fathom Five Read Along is here! All is revealed, and once again Max Gladstone has impressed the hell out of me with this book. This final post covers chapter 50 to the end, and I am your host for this week. You can find a roundup of post links in the topic folder for this book over at the SF/F Read Alongs Goodreads page, and as always, beware of spoilers below!

So Jace was in fact responsible for the rogue Penitent, and for what was happening to the ‘idols’… And my guess last week regarding his reasons (that it was bad for business) wasn’t far off the mark… What did you make of his confrontation with Kai and his justifications?

Jace’s line of reasoning for wanting to keep the world out of Kavekana, and claiming a desire for peace as his justification for the things he’s done, left me more or less incredulous, and a bit unnerved. It’s the insular community attitude taken to extremes, but since we only get Jace’s personal views here I had to wonder whether or not the rest of Kavekana might actually agree with him.

So, he’s become more than a little twisted in the pursuit of his goals here, and the irony of the (kind of?) divine intervention that follows wasn’t lost on me. Though I admit, the turnabout that saw him end up inside one of his own Penitents did earn him a little sympathy. It still isn’t something I’d wish on anyone, and Jace has more to atone for than any petty criminal…

Mako’s involvement in the subsequent events was a bit of a surprise. Or was it? Did you expect the old man to be involved at all, much less the way he was?

I was wondering if we were going to see a god of some description actually turn up! Though the fact that we got Mako did surprise me. In hindsight it probably shouldn’t have, but it’s a sly point in Max Gladstone’s favour that it did. I can understand the whole ‘leave them to pick themselves up’ approach that he apparently tried to take, but I also like that he did step in for Kai when she needed help the most, while not going full-on godlike and stomping everything. It was nicely done!

Izza steals a goddess! What are your thoughts on the way her story ends (or begins, as the case may be)?

OK, Izza might just have won my heart in the end, with how her part in the story plays out. Bless her, she tried not to form attachments and she seemed so determined not to look beyond her own needs, and yet here we have her setting out to reach out to people, trusting in something I suspect she had begun to lose faith in and hoping to gain the trust of others in turn. I suppose I should have seen that twist coming, really…

We leave the story with Kavekana “waiting for the world to come”… Do you think this particular ending is for the best, or would you have preferred to see the island remain apart, and peaceful?

Hmm. A bit of both, I think. On one hand, Jace was leading Kavekana somewhere pretty dark that I’m sure it wouldn’t have wanted to go before much longer, so any result that puts a stop to him is a good one. On the other hand, I’m a little nervous that this pretty island refuge may not stay that way for much longer. I mean, realism says that yeah, this is inevitable and in the long run it’s likely for the best, but there’s still a part of me that can understand Jace’s motivation, in that sense. Who doesn’t want sand to stick their head in when things get difficult? The challenge now will be pulling those heads out…

Either way I suppose we’ll see what happens, but I’m hoping we haven’t seen or heard the last from this lot!



One thought on “Read Along: Full Fathom Five, Week 4

  1. I also really liked that Mako helped, but that he didn’t jump in to save the day and set everything right. It was a nice balance, that let the new generation decide how to solve their own problems.

    I agree that the island was headed to a dark place, but it was already pretty dark for Izza and the street kids. The changes won’t be all good, but I think they can find a way to let Kavekana grow into something new without losing itself!

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