Welcome to Sci-Fi Month 2015!


IT BEGINS! And what a post-fest I have in store for you guys right here, over the next four weeks. To start everything off, I’ve even got a giveaway for you! Read on…

So this November marks my third year of nerding into the void from my little corner of the interwebs, so it pleases me immensely that I get to celebrate all month long by helping to host what is also the third outing for Rinn Reads Sci-Fi Month! I am so excited, you guys. SO EXCITED.

(Don’t worry, I won’t suddenly break into disco song. I mean, it was close just now. But we’re good. You’re safe.)

First things first, and because I like to do things with a bit of style, I have – as I mentioned above – a giveaway to help us get started, right here right now!

In Constant Fear

Thanks to the ever wonderful folks at Jo Fletcher Books, there is a complete paperback set of Peter Liney’s DETAINEE trilogy up for grabs here this week! The trilogy, which began with The Detainee and Into The Fire, will conclude with the release of IN CONSTANT FEAR on Thursday, November 5th. Here’s a (mildly spoilery!) synopsis for the final book:

Over a year has passed since Clancy and the gang managed to escape from the hell that was the City. Pursued by the ruthless leader of Infinity – the corporation behind the mass murders of thousands of ‘lower class’ citizens – they’ve been on the run ever since; constantly looking over their shoulders.

Despite this, they have forged a new life working the land on an abandoned smallholding on the other side of the mountains. Hidden there, they are as close to happy as they can be.

Until strange things start to happen in the valley: too many unlucky coincidences convince them that another power is rising against them, and there are many questions to be answered: what is the shadow maker? And who – or what – has begun to howl in the night?

The Detainee Into the Fire








So if you want to win these books*, just leave a comment on this post by November 5th. Alternatively, you can tweet about the giveaway, including a link to this post and the hashtag #DetaineeGiveaway. (Also, because it generally helps with such things, you can tag me – @EffingRainbow.)

Good luck, and let’s have a fantastic Sci-Fi Month!

*The winner will be selected at random, and the giveaway is UK only.


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