Recap: March 2016

March has just about come to an end, and April is promising to bring a LOT of bookish goodness with it – but before I dive into that, let’s look back over what I got done in the last month…

The Riverside Read Along is still going strong, and as of this moment I’m halfway into The Privilege of the Sword and loving every heartbreaking, confounding minute of it! You can catch up with my thoughts on it here, and stay tuned for the reading schedule for book 3, The Fall of the Kings, coming very soon!

The SF/F Read Alongs are also continuing quite busily, and promising to get busier in April. We’ve covered The Tale of Yin by Joyce Chng and A Local Habitation (October Daye #2) by Seanan McGuire, and Kushiel’s Justice, the second book in Jacqueline Carey’s Imriel Trilogy turn in the D’Angeline Cycle, is going well so far!

Banner by imyril @ There's Always Room For One More
Banner by imyril @ There’s Always Room For One More

As for what’s coming up in April, we’ll be tackling The Lies of Locke Lamora (Gentlemen Bastards #1) by Scott Lynch, and the third October Daye novel, An Artificial Night. Check out the schedules for those at the links, and join us if you’re so inclined! The more, the merrier.

The Second Death

Reviews were a little scarce again this month with all the group reading going on, but I did make time for The Second Death (Los Nefilim #3) by T. Frohock, which I absolutely loved. If you haven’t picked up this trilogy of novellas yet (released as ebooks only), and if you’re a fan of genre-blending fantasy that puts relationships (not romance!) front and centre, then you need this series in your life. Go read.

What I’ve Been Reading

Elsewhere, I had a rather light/somewhat disappointing reading month. Sadly contrary to my intentions, both A Darker Shade of Magic by V.E. Schwab and Marginalia to Stone Bird by Rose Lemberg ended up on my DNF list. So there was no Mini Rainbows feature this month, but hopefully I can correct this in April. I have plans! Oh yes.

My foray into romance had a better time of it, however! My love affair (no pun intended) with Courtney Milan’s Brothers Sinister series continues apace – in fact, I’m almost at the end. Just one more book to go, and then what will I do with my romance-reading time?!

No, really. I’m open to suggestions. *Wink*

What’s Next?

I plan to make a decent return to reviewing books in April, because good grief there are so many delicious options available! Definitely on my reading list are a few ARCs, including but not limited to Saint’s Blood (Greatcoats #3) by Sebastien de Castell, and The Unseeing by Anna Mazzola.

It may be a bit of a way off yet, but following the Riverside Read Along, which has been immensely fun so far, I’m planning to pick up another hidden gem of a series to try out in a similar fashion. After enquiring on Twitter and getting some very interesting recommendations, I’ve narrowed it down to two… Stay tuned for my decision on that front!

Also on the ‘stuff that’s new to me’ agenda, I’m planning to take part in a month-long group read of CJ Cherryh’s Foreigner, organised (loosely, which suits me just fine!) by Jacob at RedStarReviews. Because I can’t be forgetting my SF amidst all the F, now can I?

So! That’s just about that for March. April really does promise to have something interesting going on, what with everything that’s on the reading list! Let’s get on with it…


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