Reading Schedule for Black Powder War (Temeraire #3)

As we approach the finale of Throne of Jade, it’s time to take a look at the third book in the Temeraire series! Here’s the schedule for Black Powder War.

Black Powder War

As usual, I have refrained from reading any blurbs for this book, so I know nothing*! Though I’m guessing from the title that this might be an especially action-packed adventure for the Dragonbros…? Bring it on.

Here’s my reading schedule:

  • Week 1: Sunday July 10th, Chapters 1-4
  • Week 2: Sunday July 17th, Chapters 5-8
  • Week 3: Sunday July 24th, Chapters 9-14
  • Week 4: Sunday July 31st, Chapters 15-End

As before, I’ll be tweeting my reading experiences from 9pm BST, and there will be a shiny new hashtag for this book – follow along or read with me usingĀ #BlackPowderWar. I will also continue to Storify the Twitter highlights, and you can find such records of my Temeraire progress so far here.

See you there!


*Jon Snow.

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