Recap: July 2016

August is almost here! And rather than flailing over where the time has gone, right now I’m flailing in excitement because I can’t wait for it to arrive! That’s right. I am about to embark on two weeks of Being Outside and Doing Things. But before I get my absence on, let’s look back at what July brought, and what’s still to come…

SF/F Read Alongs

July was a busy month for the read alongs! We completed the Split Worlds Read Along (for now) with All Is Fair, as well as tearing through the fourth October Daye book, Late Eclipses. And if that wasn’t enough, we’re still up to our happy reader eyes in The Republic of Thieves. You can check out all my posts on these at the links on the 2016 Read Alongs page.

I’ll be continuing with The Republic of Thieves into August despite my impending absence, as there are only two more weeks remaining in that schedule. However, the October Daye Read Along has been postponed until September, when we should be resuming with One Salt Sea. You can check out the schedule for that one here.


My reading of Black Powder War is a handful of hours away from the finale as I type this, and I AM SO EXCITED. Such drama! My reviews for Parts 1, 2 and 3 can be found here.

While I’m on this subject, I should let folks know that when Black Powder War is done, I’ll be taking a break before starting on the fourth Temeraire book. The reading/tweeting will resume on Sunday 21st August with Empire of Ivory (schedule coming soon!).

What (Else) I’ve Been Reading

I am finally getting back into the swing of writing full book reviews, and this month I stretched those lazy muscles with a review of Escapology, by Ren Warom.


This was a taste of something a bit different for me, being a cyberpunk SF novel – and as debuts go, Ren’s effort is bold, ambitious, wildly imaginative (damn it, why didn’t I think of all these words when I wrote the review) and just straight-up, riotous fun. Oh, and it will sucker-punch your feelings into next week. Just in case all of that wasn’t enough for you.


I received a copy of this one from the publisher, Titan Books, and while I wasn’t able to fit in a full review, I’ve got to give it a very honourable mention here while I can! On the list of Things I Am A Sucker For, dark retellings/reimaginings of fairytale-style classics, of which Alice in Wonderland is certainly one, ranks pretty high. This story tells us what became of Alice after she crawled back out of the rabbit hole, and her experiences while down there were about as far from a tea party as it gets. This one is dark, bloody and deliciously creepy, and I strongly suspect I’ll be making time for its follow-up, Red Queen, before long…

My romance-riddled history lessons continue with Whitehall! This serial, I swear. It plays my feelings like a fiddle. I want to slap everybody (except Catherine, she’s a sweetheart). As clever ways to convince me to invest my interest in English history go, this is certainly earning its keep! For the record, I still haven’t Googled any of it. That’s how much I’m enjoying this story.

These three beauties right here are next on my review-writing agenda, and I won’t say much about them here because I am saving all of that flailing (so much flailing, how do I still have arms attached to my body) for their rightful moments in the blogging spotlight. But I will say that they all wrecked me in the best possible ways, and each in their own awesome way. One could not be more different from the next, but they’re all equally amazing. Watch out for those reviews over the next few weeks!

So that’s it for me for another month, but I am thoroughly looking forward to what August will bring. When I’m not gallivanting around Scotland on holiday, that is. See you on the other side!





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