Mini Rainbows: The Life and Times of Angel Evans by Meredith Debonnaire


Genre: Fantasy (contemporary, superheroes)
Publisher: Book Smugglers Publishing
Release date: September 13th 2016
This edition: Kindle (also available to read online here)



When Angel Evans was born into her world, the event was beset with a troubling number of prophecies. Her magical future was so portentous that all of the prophets couldn’t cope with the knowledge of what was to come, and either died or were never heard from again.

Decades later, magical prodigy Angel Evans has traversed (and saved) several worlds. She has lived, loved, and seen more devastation that one person should be able to handle.

The Life and Times of Angel Evans is a story of prophetic burden, destiny fulfilled, and the choices that one young woman has to make in order to survive.


It’s time to resurrect this review feature for short fiction, because THIS STORY. Wow. I was completely new to the publishing output from Book Smugglers before now, but if this is any indication of what to expect from them, I WANT ALL THE OTHER THINGS AND I WANT THEM NOW.

This is a story about what happens when the old, old trope of The Chosen One is taken and twisted and turned upon itself: Angel Evans didn’t save her world. She saved all worlds, by ending hers. This is the story of what happened to her afterward, and it is not a pretty story. Think of The Doctor with a drug addiction and a self-destructive streak, yet still with all the power to tug on your heart strings, and you’ve got Angel Evans. The universe goes on, thanks to her – what’s in danger now is Angel herself. This story takes the concept of cosmic-level machinations of fate and uses that to tell a much smaller, much more intimate story, and it’s one that, thanks to some wonderfully deft and clever writing (the comparison to Neil Gaiman is NOT just a hyped up selling point), both amuses and moves me in that way of all the best stories.

For me, it’s up there with books like Good Omens and The Long Way To A Small Angry Planet in that sense. The end of the world is just the beginning; what’s really interesting are the ones who are left to deal with it, however they’re left to do it. The story of “what happened next?” will always be more fascinating to me. This one’s heartbreaking, but it’s sweet and funny and ultimately uplifting at the same time. I can’t recommend it highly enough.



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