[Review] Tremontaine, S2E1: “Convocation”


Yes, you read that title correctly.

It’s here.

It’s here.

I knew that joining the Serial Box #TremonTEAM would be a good idea, but sweet teacups, this goes above and beyond. Their first team reward turned out to be an advance copy of the first episode of Season 2 of Tremontaine, and YOU GUYS IT IS SO GOOD.

Everyone is more or less still where we left them, but a new season is beginning in the city, and plots are afoot. Enter that most marvellous of leading ladies, Diane de Tremontaine, who has a place for everybody and clearly wants everybody in their place. She sweeps back onto the scene, clearly in full control of the good ship Tremontaine in all but an official capacity – Duke William still lives, despite being of unsound mind, and so complete control of her husband’s House is just beyond Diane’s grasp. That isn’t stopping her, however, and by the end of the episode it seems that this technicality might not even be that for very long if she has her way – and we know how much Diane likes to have her way.

She is a truly unnerving delight in this opening episode, nearly giddy with freedom and the possibilities it affords her. Her alliance with the Balams is secure, and opportunities for further trade are seized in what is literally the most stylish fashion ever. The Duchess is on the hunt for a new lover with political interests worth exploiting, and to see her going shopping, as it were, makes me wish I had a fan close to hand even while I’m pre-emptively pitying the poor sod she eventually sets her sights upon. Oh, Diane. Will nothing ever keep you down?

Serious question, there. I fully expect a spanner in her devious works from some quarter, and of course I expect I shall not be disappointed. The real question is, how much damage will be done? I NEED MY DAMAGE. I NEED DIANE AT HER RUTHLESS, CONNIVING BEST.

She’s also on the lookout for a new swordsman, after the fate that befell the last one, and she clearly has a secret obsession with Kaab (who IS the fate that befell the last one, and oh, how glorious she is to behold in her unfettered pirate finery here) that’s bound to lead to interesting times ahead. She’s also still not above taunting Rafe Fenton in a deliciously vicious effort to remind him of his place relative to hers, but since that’s not likely to keep the poor boy down, I expect even more tasty drama there as well.

Hell, there doesn’t seem to be anybody featured in this episode whom Diane ISN’T willing to toy with. It might be delightful to have her back and on such fine form, but there were definitely moments here where I wondered if all the freedom she’s enjoying isn’t maybe going to Diane’s head a little…? The mighty can and do fall, after all, and Diane might want to be mindful of where she puts her feet, even if she is the untouchable Duchess once again.

There was no sign of Micah in this episode, save for a brief mention in the inevitable exposition – she’s still at the University, up to her eyes in her mathematics and no doubt obliviously happy about it.┬áMICAH I MISS YOU WHERE IS YOUR GENIUS FACE.

Also no appearance from Tess or Vincent, and I want my fill of both of them this season as well. Basically, MY BODY IS READY. This whole episode is a delightfully welcome confection of foreboding as well as “while you were gone”, and no one’s wasting any time in getting on with the show.

Welcome back, Tremontaine. You were sorely missed.

9 thoughts on “[Review] Tremontaine, S2E1: “Convocation”

  1. Oh, that’s what I was missing — a fan! Hm, I wonder if we remembered to pack them when we moved. (mentally tallies still un-packed boxes…)

  2. I have just finished reading Convocation (and writing my own flailpost) and OH MY WORD WHEN CAN WE GET ON WITH THIS AMAZING BUSINESS OF SEASON TWO?

    Although yes, I am going to need a fan. Especially if Diane continues crushing on Saabim and Kaab like that. And did I spy a mention of a certain St Vier family in passing? Is this going to be nothing but shameless teasing, or are we going to meet Richard’s mother? I may explode with excitement before next month.

  3. I am totally lost. What does it mean and how does one join Serial Box #TremonTEAM? I checked both Amazon and Serial Box and cannot figure out how to get the first episode of season 2.

    1. My copy was an advance copy – season 2 doesn’t officially begin until next month. As for TremonTEAM, the best way to find out is to contact Serial Box, I think. Try Twitter – @serialboxpub.

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