How do I love thee? Let me count the ways…



Well. It finally happened. The TremonTEAM challenges have rolled around to that glorious fannish subject of subjects: SHIPPING.

We TremonTEAMsters have been given, and I quote, “freedom to discuss anything relating to relationships found within Tremontaine … even ones that are only in your head”.




Now I adore a chance for a really good ship, but I must confess to sometimes being really careful about which ones I invest most enthusiasm in. I tend to feel quite strongly about these things, and I’ve been interacting with the Tremontaine writers long enough to know that it’s entirely possible that nothing and no one is safe in this world of theirs. The last thing I want is to fly a flag for a certain ship only to have that couple torn apart.

*Looks very fixedly upon Season 1*

That said, however, sometimes the heart just wants what it wants. So I am already going into Season 2 with hearts in my eyes for certain people and the potential for certain hookups, be it real or imagined. Here, I shall talk about the two ships I ship the most, starting with …


Diane and Kaab

This is the ‘possibly not so imaginary’ ship I cherish the most. We know how determined both of these women are in the pursuit of something they’ve decided they want. So much of Season 1 revolved around that very fact, after all. Add to that the facts that Kaab is very forward by nature, and that (if I’ve read some things correctly) there have been open suggestions of fluidity regarding Diane’s sexuality – though this seems to be closely tied up with her desire for power. Diane de Tremontaine is very much a predator, not prey. In this case, though, this only makes the potential for sparks between these two that much stronger. Diane may be used to cracking the whip, behind the curtain or otherwise, but Kaab is not one to … be whipped … and I think this metaphor got away from me a little bit. Absolutely no sexy pun intended there, but hey ho.

They’re more than a fiesty match for each other, is the point I’m trying to make. I mean, think about it! Kaab is young, clever enough to be a capable spy, undeniably attractive, and certainly not your average high society darling. If I thought it likely that Diane could accept a partnership rather than making a pawn of any lover she takes, this particular alliance could really go to some interesting places.

But who knows? There are plenty of directions this story could still take. Maybe that’s one? I LIVE IN HOPE.

Moving on from that before it gets too warm in here, let’s talk about my other favourite ship – and this one features our favourite piratical lesbian spy as well. (What? I’m not hooked. You’re hooked.)


Kaab, Tess and Vincent

The other shipping-related thing I have a thing for is a well-matched polygamous relationship, and I have had a thing for this imaginary one ever since a particular scene in one of Season One’s episodes (I forget exactly which, to my shame), in which these three display a sufficient lack of modesty and/or pearl-clutching habits to allow them to have a lovely, relaxed breakfast together despite the fact that it’s interrupting lazy morning sexytimes for Kaab and Tess.

Everything about this scene spoke to my delighted shipper heart, because sometimes, it’s not all about the stuff that requires an explicit content warning. The things that often make a relationship work for me are those quieter moments, where the real foundations of any good relationship are clearly being laid: trust, openness, and that sense of just being comfortable in each other’s company. This scene showed that they have all three of those things working for them, and as a result I’ve been enamored of their imagined romantic togetherness ever since.

And I will say here and now that if my OT3 becomes a reality at any point, it had better be inviolate because as I said above, my feelings are fragile and I know I couldn’t stand having that precious jewel of my shippery damaged. There would be tears. Ugly tears.


Damn it, now I’m nervous WHAT HAVE I DONE. *Stuffs her ships back into a safe and locks it*

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