How I Met Tremontaine



Another week, another TremonTEAM post! This week, we’ve been asked that marvellously memory-prodding question: How did you discover Tremontaine?


In actual fact, I discovered its instigator publisher first. See, I am a fan of Max Gladstone and follow him on Twitter, so back when he began tooting the horn of another Serial Box publishing effort (*Cough*Bookburnersit’sexcellentgivethatatrytoo*cough*), I decided I was fascinated enough by the idea of serialised stories to go poking around and have a look at what was what.┬áThat led to finding Serial Box on social media, and thus to the wonderful discovery of Tremontaine.

At that point I had heard of but not read Ellen Kushner’s original Riverside novel, Swordspoint. Then I discovered it had two (sort of) sequels, and my heart, it flipped for nerdy joy. This was research, right? And the best kind!

Now, for a little while I was unsure if I should read the novel(s) first and then dive into Tremontaine, but … well … the serial was right there, up for subscription all shiny and new and interesting. And it was a prequel! And at that point the novels weren’t available in ebook format to provide a stronger counter-argument, which might have persuaded me to snap them up first. (Don’t worry, I’ve bought and read them all now!) So Tremontaine won the race by virtue of being so temptingly, readily available.

Reader, I married it.

Now I love the books, but my heart’s true fondness is for this weekly tale of swashbuckling lesbian spies, introverted maths geniuses, forbidden love, political intrigue, murky pasts, high drama and oh, the chocolate.


It’s like this story was written just for me. IT EVEN HAS PIZZA. (At least that’s my interpretation of ‘tomato pies’, and gosh darnit, I’m sticking to my junk food-loving guns here. PIZZA.)

So the rest is gloriously, geekishly addicted history, really. In short, it’s all Max Gladstone’s fault. That scoundrel. How dare he. *Sends a fruit basket* The nerve!



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