Tremontaine: The Movie!



Week Six of the #TremonTEAM challenges is upon us, and that means IT’S ALMOST TIME FOR SEASON TWO. *Gnaws on the Internet* GIMMEEEEEE


This week’s challenge is utter, fabulous image-searching fun/torture: We’ve been given free rein to design our ideal Tremontaine movie fancast!

I’ll do this one, I said. It’ll be easy, I said.


*Looks at all the pretty pictures* Oh yeah. Heh. That’s why…


So we were instructed to find at least three faces for characters for this hypothetical movie. If I had a full day to spend happily drowning in actor pictures, I could perhaps round out a full cast. As it is, though, I shall present what I did manage to find to my satisfaction – sadly I do not have a suitable Rafe or Micah (woe!). But here’s my cast in progress:


Diane de Tremontaine

My brain got stuck on a younger version of Diane for much of my search, so I’ll include both her younger self and older here. For current/older Diane, my personal Goddess of Badass Poise and Loveliness, Cate Blanchett.

Source: The Oscar Nerd
Source: The Oscar Nerd

Look at her. Would you mess with her? No, you would not. Would you throw yourself at her feet? Yes, you would.

And of course she learned her skills and, ahem, self-worth early, and well. Behold my young Diane – Natalie Dormer.

Source: The Historic Face Claim Archive
Source: The Historic Face Claim Archive

Same questions. I mean, looooooook. You know she’s up to something. Something naughty.

Moving on! I only had one possible option for who’d be my ideal Tess – Eleanor Tomlinson.


*Fetches fan* I’m just going to move on before I really distract myself…

As before, I only had one option for my perfect Will Tielman, the Duke Tremontaine. Call me biased, but… Well.


In commoner disguise! Because who doesn’t love a nice commoner disguise? Rafe’s friends are being questionably interesting again…

I really want to add more but I should have gone out grocery shopping about an hour ago, and the rest are proving difficult to pin down. But do share your own thoughts! Got any preferable alternatives? Who’d play the characters I didn’t get? Comment away! (Napkins for drool are neatly stacked to your left.)





5 thoughts on “Tremontaine: The Movie!

  1. Snap. It’s a wrap: Natalie Dormer IS the Duchess. Glad we got that sorted.

    But in spite of recent ‘I can’t fancast without Tom Hiddleston’ remarks, I resisted!

    …now to sort my gifs out. Yeeeeeeesh, why do we DO this to ourselves? *fans* ah, yes, that’s why.

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