Sci-Fi Month Giveaway #4

We have entered the final week of Sci-Fi Month, and while I have regrettably fallen way behind on the reading and reviewing I had hoped to get done, I refuse to let this be an end to my celebrating of science fiction!

To that end, let’s have us the fourth and final giveaway of my month-long blogeversary party, shall we?




Shock Pao is not just any Haunt – he’s the best. There isn’t a system that he can’t crack into, nothing he can’t steal for the right price. Outside the virtual world of the Slip, though, he’s a Fail – no degree, no job, no affiliations to protect him from angry ex-customers. Of which he has quite a few. So when his ex brings Shock a job, he accepts, little realizing that it will turn out to be his most impossible, illegal and insane assignment yet.

Amiga works for Twist Calhoun, one the the toughest crime lords in the Gung, as a Cleaner – assassin. When Shock’s war comes to her, she doesn’t have a choice: it’s her job to bring him to Twist, dead or alive – or it’ll be her head in a bag in Twist’s vault.


This is Ren Warom’s novel-length debut, and it stands out as a favourite for me this year because, despite seeming to belong to a subgenre of SF – cyberpunk – that I’d never bothered much with before, it nonetheless impressed the hell out of me. If, like me, you’re not sure cyberpunk is your thing, fear not – this is also a post-apocalyptic novel, with a trans male main character. And it’s a story about the best and worst of society, and finding friendship where you least expect it. And it has a pixellated shark roaming about. (See the cover?)

It also got these authors pretty excited about it:


“A storming, thrilling debut.” Adam Christopher, author of Made To Kill

“A deeply immersive and thrilling trip into a terrifying future. I loved this book!” Emma Newman, author of Planetfall

“Brilliant, inventive craziness in a well-realized, terrifying world.” Steve McHugh, author of the bestselling Harlequin Chronicles

“Brutal, compulsive. A breakneck, knife-edge cyberthriller.” Gareth L. Powell, BSFA Award-winning author

Aaaaand I am giving away one paperback copy to one lucky winner! If this book does sound like something you’d like to read, now’s your chance to get in on it! Just a few rules first, as per usual:

  • This giveaway is open internationally, but a residential mailing address must be provided if you win. No PO Boxes please.
  • To enter this giveaway, leave a comment on this post specifying that you’d like to enter. Non-entrant comments are welcome, but will not be included in the giveaway tally.
  • When commenting, please be sure to include a means of contacting you should you win, eg. email address or Twitter username.
  • When a winner is selected, that person will be given 48 hours to respond with the information needed to get their prize delivered. If no response is given, another winner will be selected.


There you have it! Just one last note to say, please do heed the commenting notes there. A winner will be selected at random, but having a means of contacting you does make announcing winners much easier. (This has been an issue with previous giveaways, and makes me sad.)

As before, I will be running the giveaway from now until midnight (GMT) this Saturday – that’s Saturday, November 26th – and announcing the winner on Sunday. Good luck to everybody!

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