SF/F Read Alongs: Chimes at Midnight, Part 1

At last, the October Daye Read Along returns! I am delighted to be diving back into these books, starting where we left off with Chimes at Midnight (book seven)!

The complete schedule for the read along is here, and you can join in at any time, any way you like. (There’s even a Twitter account, for those who are new here – @SFFReadAlongs.)

I’m hosting the Read Along this week as we cover chapters 1 to 7. (Caution: Spoilers!)



We return to a couple of previously ‘spun’ story threads here, ie. Toby’s relationship with the Queen in the Mists, and the problem of goblin fruit on the streets in San Francisco – and the two are connected in ways Toby wasn’t expecting… Do you think the goblin fruit as a catalyst for Toby’s exile is just that, or did the Queen perhaps deliberately engineer this situation?

Without going too much into spoilers for the rest of the book … I wouldn’t put it past her, let’s say! I think the goblin fruit is a handy excuse for the Queen to banish Toby, but I don’t believe for a second that she wasn’t fully aware of what Toby’s reaction to it would be. Of course the hero knight, who lives in San Francisco, would want to get rid of a deadly drug on her streets. And we know the Queen’s not above scheming to remove Toby, so it makes sense that this might be another attempt to remove her from the Queen’s picture. The interesting part is that she maybe hasn’t thought it all the way through first…


Speaking of queens and opposition, there’s a surprise revelation here: this queen was not the heir to her throne. Larger plots are kicking off now, and it seems the Luidaeg is deeply involved this time. What are your thoughts on this development, and where it might lead?

… And this is why it’s interesting, heh!

I love seeing the Luidaeg become more deeply involved, not only because it reminds us of the mystery surrounding who put a binding on her and why, but because any situation that results in the Luidaeg being moved to involve herself, however sneakily, is bound to bring some badass fireworks before long. Like I said before, it seems the Queen in the Mists hasn’t thought her plan all the way through! If the Luidaeg knows of a way to put a stop to her once and for all and has the means to use it, then I am all kinds of here for this plot. *Gets popcorn*


We also get some fresh exploring to do, in the Library of Stars! If you could visit a magical library like this, what sorts of books might you look for?



But seriously, come on. How awesome would it be to visit a library like that? For starters, the description of it as a quiet little nook of a used bookstore charmed me right away. I love places like that, where I can poke about among the shelves and possibly find unexpected bookish surprises and bargains. Which, when you think about it, is probably exactly what you would find in a magic Faerie library too, in more ways than one…

Anyway! To answer the question, I would be all over the history books myself. The thought of reading accounts of, say, the World Wars, or the Industrial Revolution, from people (or Fae!) who were there would be too tempting to ignore. And that’s just the very tip of the historical iceberg… You would have to make sure I had plenty of food and tea, because I would never come out again.

3 thoughts on “SF/F Read Alongs: Chimes at Midnight, Part 1

  1. Magical libraries are fantastic. There’s been quite a few books recently featuring mystical, magical libraries, and it’s a trend I’m totally happy about.

    Also, the Toby Daye series is hands-down one of my favourite UF series. The world building is just incredible.

  2. Agreed – the Queen of the Mists really hasn’t thought this one through. I don’t know if she just expected to banish Toby and for her to go quietly away but that was never going to happen was it – and now, well, all sorts of things are going to get stirred up and potentially be a lot worse for her than just having to stomach Toby living on her patch. Plus I cannot wait for more to be revealed about the Luidaeg – at least I hope more will be forthcoming.
    That library – I love it – everyone should be able to enter a magical library at least once.
    Lynn 😀

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