SF/F Read Alongs: Chimes at Midnight, Part 3

In the third part of Chimes at Midnight, certain people are full of surprises…

This week covers chapters 16 to 22, with questions from me! Mind the spoilers.



“We took titles as a warning. ‘Stay away. Here there be monsters.'”

This week we learn the Luidaeg’s original name, and also that she really does, perhaps, have her sneaky ways of answering some of Toby’s unasked questions – or starting to, anyway. What speculations are you drawing from what we learn in Toby’s blood-vision? Given this teaser, what questions might you ask the Luidaeg if you were in Toby’s shoes?

At this point, given how much I know, the only questions I’d really want to ask are probably the ones she couldn’t answer, more’s the pity! But I brought this up to highlight the sneakiness, because I always enjoy seeing the Luidaeg apparently find subtle ways around her own binding to get information to Toby, even if it’s patchy or incomplete. The same goes for being given more information about the Luidaeg herself – I may have an ongoing moment of pride over the fact that she’s originally from Scotland. *Grin*

At the slight risk of teasing this point a little right now, I also wanted to draw attention to the quoted conversation she has with Toby, about titles and names. I can’t say anything specific about why but this is going to be important before much longer in the series… *Fades out to mysterious music*


“I know a lot about being royal.”

Surprise! So the truth about Quentin’s background is out, and I’ve got to know: did you suspect this at all or did it in fact surprise you? Any predictions for the young squire-prince going forward from here?

QUENTIN. I was waiting for this reveal for ages! The first time I read it, it did surprise me; however the anticipation of it upon rereading is always delicious. A lot of things happen in this book that count toward upping the stakes for Toby as far as the larger arc of this story goes, and the revelation of Quentin’s parentage is definitely one of them. It’s undeniably an ace card in Toby’s hand, should she choose to use it as one, but the question remains: will she? And if so, how and why?

(Side note: I think there’s a Tobyverse short story out there somewhere that’s told from Quentin’s POV, but this is all I can recall about it without looking it up. Which I may do just as soon as I finish writing this post…)


“You protect your family by making the world a better place for them to live. Not by running away.”

Toby’s got some hard truths for Arden, and well she should know about them… Do you think Arden will stand by her choice here? And what do you think of October Daye looking set up to have the ear of the next Queen in the Mists?

Oh, Toby.

Arden is in a definite tough spot, no question, and I think it will take more than an on-the-spot decision for her to accept what this will mean. Her life is literally never going to be the same, even if she is now fighting for the life she was meant to have. Arden is interesting to me because I’ve yet to come to a solid decision on whether or not I like her; I’m not without sympathy for her situation, but if she had persisted in hiding from her responsibilities that sympathy would quickly have been lost. There’s a bit of a self-centred viewpoint there that’s worrisome to me, and I’m not convinced that she won’t/doesn’t hold a grudge over the position she’s put in.

But, we’ll see…


There’s plenty more to chew on in these chapters, but what parts stand out the most for you, and why?

Aside from what I’ve talked about here, the one thing that stands out that definitely worries me is the fact that all of this uprising drama is going on, and we’re getting hints about the Luidaeg’s history with Amandine, and Amandine herself is suddenly nowhere to be found. More so than usual, I mean. My first assumption is that this means she IS going to turn up somewhere, somehow, very unexpectedly – but why? And why has she so thoroughly disappeared now, of all times? As I’ve said before, my recollections of events going forward from this book in the series are sketchy at best. If there is an answer to this question coming, I don’t remember what it is – but I’m dying to find out! (Again.)




One thought on “SF/F Read Alongs: Chimes at Midnight, Part 3

  1. This book is so intriguing.
    Yeah, I was so surprised about Quentin. I never saw that coming at all and I wonder if the breadcrumb trail was there but I just didn’t see (or look) – I suppose you’ll be able to see the different reading for the second time.
    Arden – I’m not decided on her yet. I feel kind of sad for her though because really she’s spent most of her life in hiding. Even when her parents were alive she was kept a secret. Then her parents died and she was whisked away and hidden and then her brother stood up for himself and got elf shot. I wonder how it’s going to affect her going forward. I hope that she comes to rely on the good people surrounding her.
    Bring on No.8 😀
    Lynn 😀
    PS – sorry I’m a bit late this week – so busy in work and catching myself coming back!

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