Adventures Old and New: Looking Ahead to 2017

2016 is finally (finally) over, and 2017 is here, with its fresh unmarked calendar pages, its howling winds (I’m in Scotland and staying indoors as I write this because Jesus I’m not kidding) and – best of all – its new reading challenges! Click on for more about mine.


The Temeraire Tweetalong, or Fun With Muskedragons!

So this is really a continuation (and eventual conclusion, *sob*) of some group reading shenanigans that began last year, following the fun I had with it while reading Ellen Kushner’s Riverside novels. Naomi Novik’s alternate-history-with-dragons series quickly became something precious and immensely fun to read, especially in the company of my wonderfully like-minded friends! We took a break from the reading to let life get a little insane over November/December, but January is bringing it back around – we’ll be picking up where we left off with Tongues of Serpents! Look out for the schedule for that one tomorrow, and if you want to play review catch-up, I have links to my book-by-book reviews here!


SF/F Read Alongs 

This regular feature will stay alive and hopefully well in 2017 – in fact, it’s also going to resume in January when we return to the world of Seanan McGuire’s October Daye series! Click the link to see what we’ve been up to, to join if you wish, and stay up to date on what’s coming…


Mini Rainbows

So this feature is still a work in progress despite last year’s best intentions, but I’m going into 2017 determined to work harder at it. Short fiction deserves as much love as novels, in my opinion, and so I intend to do what I can to put some more love for it out there, by reviewing more of it here. Watch this space!


Increasing Discoverability

This challenge was brought to my attention on Twitter by Joanne Hall (@hierath77), and given that it involves dedicating some of my reading time to books by women that are new to me, of course I promptly jumped on her bandwagon. This particular focus is one I’m happy to apply to my reading, and having pleasantly surprised myself last year with how easy it was to adhere to (all of the best books I read last year were written by, or featured plenty of, women!), I decided to tackle it with a real will in 2017 and see what happens.

I expect wonderful things, friends.

The only difficult part of this was narrowing myself down to a set number of books to aim for! I’ve gone for one per month, because I do plan to keep up with my various other blogging activities, so right now I’m looking at reading 12 books by female authors that are new to me – and I’m interpreting “new” as being authors whose novels/stories I haven’t read before. There are a shameful number of these still languishing on my TBR, after all.

No longer!

Let 2017 be the Year of New Things here at Effing Rainbow HQ. And it won’t end with things book-related, either – hopefully I’ll get to blog about more life things this year as well. These are my goals, and deity of your choice willing, I WILL MEET THEM.

So! Once a month I will recap my progress here, and in the interest of giving myself an extra little kick in the bum to keep working at it, I’ve chosen twelve books to read and to write about. That’s one per month, with hopefully enough room for bonus books should I get through those twelve! Optimism. I have it.

So here’s to 2017. Let’s do this.

2 thoughts on “Adventures Old and New: Looking Ahead to 2017

  1. Yes! I am so ready for a new year. I like the sound of your new challenge- best of luck with it! And the SF/F readalongs sound fun too.

    Happy New Year!

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