Schedule: Crucible of Gold (Temeraire #7)

It’s almost here! I cannot believe we’re on the seventh book in this series, but here we are! Check out the reading/tweeting schedule for Crucible of Gold.



Now, as is my habit at this stage of the series reading, I have abstained from reading the book synopsis so all I have to go on is what went before, plus maybe a bit of rampant speculation. After the events in Tongues of Serpents, I’m expecting (OK, I’m hoping) that the general course will move our heroes away from their current location to somewhere new and interesting elsewhere in the world. There was mention of Brazil in the last book…?

Please please pleeeeease go to Brazil. Please go.

Also, don’t think I didn’t pick up on the possible ‘reforging’ metaphors in that title. Crucible, eh?

Also, the second: Dragons + gold = this should be interesting.


OK, OK! Here be the schedule:


  • Part 1: Chapters 1-4, reading on Saturday 4th February
  • Part 2: Chapters 5-8, reading on Saturday 11th February
  • Part 3: Chapters 9-12, reading on Saturday 18th February
  • Part 4: Chapters 13-End, reading on Saturday 25th February


The livetweets will, as always, begin at 9pm BST and we’ll be using the hashtag #Muskedragons. Join us, make popcorn and be amused by us, do anything but spoil us and you are welcome at the party! See you there…

2 thoughts on “Schedule: Crucible of Gold (Temeraire #7)

  1. I read the Amazon synopsis and it’s fairly spoiler-light (spoils where they’re going and that’s really about it) — it actually hyped me up for this next book after my Tongues of Serpents disappointments were lingering! Definitely looking forward to it now. 😀

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