Recap: February 2017


In other news, it’s March! Maybe now the weather will stop torturing me. Then again, I had hayfever symptoms yesterday so maybe it won’t.

Heck. At least there will always be books to read! Let’s go over what February brought…



SF/F Read Alongs: The Winter Long (October Daye #8)

Temeraire: Crucible of Gold

Mini Rainbows: Ladycastle #1 by Delilah S. Dawson & Ashley A. Woods

So this month was pretty light on reviews outside of my regular features. But of course that doesn’t mean I didn’t get anything else read!



A hilarious and deeply moving account of one man’s journey from stereotype to truth.

Joel Derfner is a knitter, an aerobics instructor, a cheerleader, a go-go dancer, and a musical theater composer, but when he realizes one day that he’s a walking gay cliché he embarks on a quest for deeper meaning. A very, very funny quest for deeper meaning. And whether he’s confronting the demons of his past at a GLBT summer camp, using the Internet to “meet” men–many, many men–or going undercover to a conference of ex-gays, he discovers that what he’s looking for–and sometimes even finds, hidden underneath the surface of everyday life–is his own identity. In the tradition of David Sedaris and Augusten Burroughs, yet with its own particular flair, Swish is a story told with not just wit but humor; not just candor but honesty; and not just compassion but humanity.


Non-fiction is a pretty rare reading mood for me to find myself in, but I will happily admit to being thoroughly won over by Joel before I even got my hands on this book. (Full disclosure: it was offered and sent to me by the man himself, though not for the purpose of any sort of review.) Swish is, and does, everything it says on the proverbial tin: it’s wonderfully candid, humorous and insightful, not to mention often touching and constantly thought-provoking. Even if you’re not familiar with Joel Derfner, I’d recommend this book. (I would also shill the heck out of Tremontaine, of which he is one of the regular writers, but that will probably surprise nobody.)



At a Goblin Royal Wedding party a magical food additive turns the humans in the room into horny 6 foot lizards, and all they want to do is have sex.

With anything. For as long as they can.

And as being screwed to death isn’t something that interests Sin du Jour staff, something must be done, but the building’s magical defences have kicked in, sealing off access to the outside world.


So this is the second novella in the Sin du Jour series, by Matt Wallace. In light of this, and in the interest of an easier introduction to the series (if such a thing is possible), do read Envy of Angels first. That said, there isn’t really much easing in to be done here. This series is a gloriously action-packed clusterfuck of awesomeness. It does not start off light. It starts off bananas, and it gleefully refuses to stop. And yet, somehow, in the midst of all the storytelling insanity, there are interesting characters and meaningful interactions, and I find myself with time to give a damn about all of them personally, which I cannot fully explain because did I mention the storytelling insanity?

It. Does. Not. Stop.

And I can’t stop reading. I don’t want to. It’s f*cking amazing. Get in on this.


Currently Reading



Reviews should be forthcoming, though I am currently almost finished with A Gathering of Shadows and you can read my weekly segment reviews of that one here!


To Be Read


At the top of my TBR list for now is the next Temeraire book, Blood of Tyrants, which I am mere days away from cracking open!

In addition, my goal for March is to read as many of this year’s Nebula-nominated novellas as possible, and to review those for Mini Rainbows. For the sake of expediency I’m sticking to the novellas that are available for UK Kindle individually, so here’s how the reading list looks:


  • The Ballad of Black Tom, by Victor LaValle
  • A Taste of Honey, by Kai Ashante Wilson
  • Runtime, by S.B. Divya
  • The Dream-Quest of Vellitt Boe, by Kij Johnson


Having previously read and reviewed Every Heart a Doorway, I’ll be leaving that one off the list and sticking to the unread novellas. So I should, in theory, be able to review one novella per week in March!

On that note, I have a ton of reading to get done. So I’m going to go and get it done. Until next time!


4 thoughts on “Recap: February 2017

  1. Yay, Mini Rainbows! I hope to do a bunch of Bitesize Books across the next few months from the various awards nominees – I really enjoy doing that last year, although I’m conscious that from now until June I may not have the brain (if this week is anything to go by).

    And aaaaaah Signal to Noise! I need to get on that. I have it on my shelf and it calls to me.

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