Moon Over Soho, Part 2: Don’t Lose Your Head

In the second part of Moon Over Soho, the investigation gets murkier than I was ready for. Darker, too…

This review covers chapters 5 to 9, with spoilers.


So this week’s chapters went to rather unexpectedly dark places. It also veered off the jazz-centric plot and into a pretty murky and gruesome side-plot (it’s apparently related?) involving gangsters and turf wars and crooked coppers and …

… And, I have to admit I had some trouble following the thread of it all, but if I understand the basics, there was trouble with a black magician who was never caught and has resurfaced now, and may in fact be responsible for the deaths on Peter’s watch.

This is very much not where I’d expected the story to go, and to be perfectly honest I’m not entirely sure how I feel about it…? Stories about British gangsters generally turn me off. I won’t lie. I’m not really sure why, but it’s never really been the kind of story I gravitate toward. Pretty much the opposite, in fact.

But here, there is still the magical mystery to keep me intrigued, not to mention my nagging questions over what exactly Simone Fitzwilliam has to do with it all. Because there is absolutely no way she isn’t up to something if you ask me. I mean, at this point I’ve kind of gotten used to rolling my eyes whenever Peter’s attitude toward women comes up, but this time THERE IS SOMETHING REALLY NOT RIGHT HERE PETER WHAT ARE YOU DOING.

I don’t trust Simone. Don’t much like her, either. Definitely suspicious.

On the other hand, at least there’s Lesley, however side-tracked she might presently be, to give me hope. Not to mention Stephanopoulos, who has come well out of her ‘stereotypical lesbian’ shell and is actually kind of delightful! She’s smart, sarcastic and impressively capable, even though I suspect pretty strongly that she’s had to play the system in order to survive in it. Because she’s a woman; of course she has. I also suspect at this point that she’s going to be very important in terms of keeping Peter from screwing up something important because HE KEEPS GETTING DISTRACTED BY NAKED SIMONE INSTEAD OF DOING HIS JOB.

Can you tell this part of the story bugs me? Because it bugs the crap out of me.

God dammit, Peter.

What’s also surprised me is that the direction I thought it might be going in, with Peter’s dad being involved somehow, doesn’t appear to have been followed through. Grant the elder is still present and accounted for, but I had hoped for more direct involvement from him and we haven’t really gotten it. I do appreciate the closer look at his relationship with Peter, but for that to be all we get from him feels a little bit like a missed opportunity.

I mean, maybe I’m wrong and things will take another about-face? It has happened before, so maybe? I hope so! That said, this week’s reading section was the longest for this book, and we’ll be wrapping it up in the next one, so I’m really not sure where any of this is going. Now I will be the first to admit that this is often a good thing, but darnit I’m confused! WHAT IS GOING ON.

Oh, and of course this week’s Creepiest Thing Ever award goes to that head in the fortune-teller machine. Jesus Christ. My fellow Muskedragons are definitely torturing me with the chapter breaks on this one. Thanks a lot, guys.

*Deep breath* Bring me the finale! I’ve got many questions…

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