SFF Read Alongs: Leviathan Wakes, Part 2

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In the second part of Leviathan Wakes, the mystery deepens – and the horror intensifies – as Miller meets Holden, and we find out what became of Julie…

This post will cover chapters 15 to 28, with questions from Sarah at The Illustrated Page. Spoiler alert!


The plot thickens! Do you think the sickness has anything to do with what we saw in the prologue? And who ordered it to be incubated? What’s their end goal?

I definitely think that the events in the prologue are relevant to this, but I cannot work out what might actually be going on! I’m interested in finding out, but at the same time I kind of don’t want another scene like we got with Julie in that bathroom because IT WAS EVEN MORE HORRIFYING THAN THE PROLOGUE. Seriously.

So I am without a clue regarding who’s doing this or why, but despite myself I really want to know, heh!


What’s your current takes on the POV characters? Think they’ll continue to work together? Is Miller crossing a line in this section?

I think at this point they may not have a choice regarding working together, if they want to a) find answers and b) stay safe while they look for them. Holden and his crew have skill sets and military experience that Miller doesn’t, but Miller’s the one with on-the-ground Belter life experience that I think will definitely count for something – he knows how to talk to the right people, the right way. Somehow I doubt that Holden would do as well on his own.

As for crossing a line, I definitely think there’s a new direction being taken, at least. He might be hard-bitten but he, like Holden, isn’t so desensitised that he doesn’t care about others, and whatever is going on here, regardless of who’s behind it, is going to endanger a LOT of people.

That said, I am less at ease with the way he seems to have built up a sort of fantasised connection with Julie. Aside from simply not being healthy, it’s a bit creepy, whether she’s alive or not. At this point our only perspective on Julie, beyond the hard facts about her, is coming from a middle-aged man with a drinking problem who is, regardless of the reasons for it, becoming obsessed with her. I am not inclined to be charmed by this…


James S.A. Corey’s set up an entire futuristic solar system. What’s your favorite part about it so far?

I feel like I don’t know the answer to this question yet – not because there isn’t anything to enjoy, because there is! The world (universe?) building here is amazing. The scale of it is vast, and yet we still get an excellent balance of broad scope and intimate detail, galactic politics and the lives of average people affected by it. And we’re only halfway through the first book in this series, so I am absolutely excited to see how much bigger and better it can all get. So I suppose “everything” is kind of the best answer I can give right now!


So Miller found Julie. Do you think this effectively ends her involvement, or is there more to learn about her?

Despite my misgivings about the way in which she’s been presented (Miller’s POV aside, I’m not happy that she didn’t even survive this far in a story that began with her!), I do think there is more to learn about what happened to her, and how, and why. If there’s a key to unlocking this whole mystery, it lies with Julie. It has to, right? Otherwise why introduce us to this whole story through her?

Just … I dunno, let Miller get a dog or something. Jeez.



4 thoughts on “SFF Read Alongs: Leviathan Wakes, Part 2

  1. YES I AM SO GLAD SOMEONE ELSE FINDS MILLER’S FANTASY JULIE CREEPY. Okay, everyone does. Even better. Because yeeeesssh what? She’s young enough to be his daughter, as I read them? And the best you can say is that he stalked her because he was tasked to kidnap her, and then got a conscience, which is super creepy.

    And I am grumpy that she’s dead. Very grumpy. The mystery is keeping me nailed to the floor, but this was Disappointing.

  2. That scene with Julie in the bathroom was disturbing indeed! Her whole anatomy was changed by whatever this is, including her vulva – and yes, for some reason that little tidbit weirded me out more than the rest. Change up my bones, my face, my skin, but please leave my vulva alone!

    So true! This SF world has the big vision while also showing us the nitty gritty details of every day life. I love that there’s big things afoot and yet we have these every day workers being affected by it.

    I too was disappointed that Julie was dead so early on in the story the first time I read it. And, yes, Miller needs some sort of self-sufficient pet, since I’m not sure he can actually be responsible for putting out food and water on a regular basis. Maybe a virtual plant or something.

  3. I agree with you that Miller’s obsession with Julie is verging on creepy. He’s acting like he had a close personal relationship with her when he never even met her.

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