The Voyage of the Basilisk, Part 2: I Will Go Down With This Ship

In the second part of The Voyage of the Basilisk, someone makes a surprise return, and much nerdery (and delighted shipping!) soon follows.



I GOT MY WISH. After a lovely introduction and the hint of Something Going On between him and Isabella in Part 1, Suhail makes a surprise reappearance in Part 2 – and if that news wasn’t good enough, Jake is also delighted to see him again. Between that and Isabella’s own musings on her ‘scandalous behaviour’ back in her day, it’s like Brennan is taking her readers by the hand and leading them aboard the good ship Fainting Couch. I am all aflutter.

That said there is, to my increasing delight, more to be said for the budding relationship between Isabella and Suhail than merely the potential for romance. These two are just about as nerdy as nerdy can be, when it comes to their respective professional fields of study. Isabella the naturalist and Suhail the archaeologist are digging into very different subjects, but as their paths cross, so do their common interests, in a way. The more they talk, the more their points of interest converge, until they’re each providing each other with viewpoints and information that open up their own studies and answer certain questions that they may not have answered on their own – at least, certainly not so easily. The more this goes on, the more excited the pair become about their work and what they’re discovering, and the more excited they become, the harder in love I fall with both of them.

They are complete, utter and unashamed geeks, and I cannot get enough of it. Even as Isabella as narrator speaks somewhat ruefully, though never quite regretfully, of the damage to her reputation from her choice of careers and the people it brings her into contact with, I’m getting the sense that there’s never smoke without a fire, and if that means that something is indeed going to happen romantically between her and Suhail, I am 100% here for it. I know it’s probably not going to last, even if Suhail is joining her on this voyage, but I don’t care. I wanted more Suhail, and I’ve got it, and now I fully intend to enjoy it.

But the memory of the fate of Jacob Camherst lingers on, and so I also need to say that if anything bad happens to my precious geeky favourite, I will be VERY UNHAPPY. Please don’t hurt him. Let him poke around among ruins and decipher languages and be happy. The world needs him! Or something.


… This review is going to be shorter and less in-depth than usual, because all I have for this week’s reading is happy flailing. But I always enjoy a good flail, so I’m OK with this. I can’t wait to see what else our intrepid duo (and Jake!) get up to in the rest of this book. It’s just a pity I need to survive the rest of the week first. I WANT IT NOW.


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