Broken Homes, Part 3: Warning – Contains Anger.

In the third part of Broken Homes, I was starting to get restless until Shit Happened.

This review covers chapters 11 to 15, with spoilers.



I have three things to say about this week’s chapters. First of them is that I was kind of right about the tower! Not zen magic, precisely, but that is the purpose of its construction: it’s basically a giant magical drill. But then, what happens when someone (Faceless) fires it up? There are people living in the vicinity, after all, though somehow I hardly think that’s going to matter to him…

And that’s the real question, here. He wasn’t prepared for Team Folly the last time they crossed paths, though he still managed to get away. Are Peter, Lesley and even Nightingale going to be enough to stop him this time? I want to think they will be, but there’s a nervous little part of me that isn’t so sure…


The second thing is that I’m getting restless in reading this because, despite the fact that the plot IS making progress, it’s still taking its plodding-policeman time about it. Again, I can accept that this is the nature of this particular beast, and that maybe this is just my own impatience/desire for more action talking, but there it is. The reader heart wants what the reader heart wants. I might be curious enough to stick it out and see what happens, but I can’t help wishing it would get there – or get somewhere – a bit faster than it has done so far.

The third thing is what prompted this review’s title. In these chapters we meet Sky, a dryad (tree spirit) who’s been living in the actual garden at Skygarden tower, her spirit self connected to the plane trees planted there. Those trees are, as is somewhat laboriously explained, basically all that stands between the tower’s preservation and whatever it is that the Faceless Man wants to do there. The building’s listed because of those trees, but our villain’s patience (and time?) is evidently running out because, as is demonstrated, laws don’t do much good when you’ve got a chainsaw and a bad attitude.

The trees come down, and Sky dies with them, and if I feel like the preceding chapters served to do anything, it was apparently to drum up some sympathy for the flighty little spirit by making the reader spend time with her, because her murder has me FURIOUS. I am this close to wishing Peter and Nightingale hadn’t managed to talk Oberon down from seeking direct vengeance, because fuck all this. I’m with Nicky: make them pay. THIS IS NOT RIGHT.

*Deep breath*

So the last obstacle in the Faceless Man’s way here is Team Folly, and hopefully NOW we’ll get to see some action? And I really, really hope they do manage to make him pay for Sky’s death. I’m too frustrated to get the popcorn out, but I will be reading with intent when I hit the finale this weekend.



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