SF/F Read Alongs: Caliban’s War, Part 2

In the second part of Caliban’s War, teamwork is key…

This week we’re covering chapters 13 to 27, with questions from imyril at There’s Always Room For One More.



So – lots of character development this week, and not necessarily in a good way. What do you think about Amos and Jim’s behaviour?

This is certainly making things interesting! I’ll admit, I’ve been more fascinated by Amos this week than by Jim. While it makes sense to me that Holden would be having trouble with the emotional fallout of some of the things he’s done, I still can’t quite seem to shake off my sense of him as the story’s cute puppy…

So I’m not all the way there with Jim yet, but Amos is another matter. I’ve been intrigued by him from the beginning, and what more we see of him in this book (so far) is only making my fascination stronger. Is there some kind of trigger for him in knowing of children being in danger or threatened? Is this just a personal line that’s been crossed for Amos or is there something in his past that lets him relate to Prax – or to Mei? We don’t know yet, but I hope we get to find out. Amos is quickly becoming one of my favourite characters!


What do you make of Avasarala’s management style? Do you think Bobbie will go the distance?

I won’t lie: every scene with these two talking together gave me life, this week. I love absolutely everything about this development, and I am 100% here for whatever is going to happen next.

Avasarala was an utter joy from the first appearance, and she keeps getting crankier and better. I am less than convinced that Soren was half as clever as he thought he was, when it comes to pulling the wool over her eyes. I just have trouble believing that Chrisjen wouldn’t see through him, even if she may not necessarily have known precisely how or when he’d betray her. On the other hand, if he did get one over on her, oh boy. That lad’s in trouble.

As for Bobbie, I think she might well surprise herself with how far she’s capable of going here. For her to decide to work for Avasarala in the first place, regardless of how impulsive the decision might have seemed, was a big step for a career soldier to take. Regrets the morning after are fine, but somehow (especially now) I don’t think she’ll turn her back. I think something about Avasarala clicks with Bobbie, and the sooner she realises this and they can get on with being a badass team, the better.


Okay – we’re halfway – time to place our bets. Who do you think is behind the situation on Ganymede? What do you think they are trying to achieve?

Other than being nearly certain it isn’t Fred Johnson, I HAVE NO FREAKING IDEA. Seriously. I do not know. I can’t even make an educated guess – or rather, I’m wary of doing that because I have a really strong suspicion that this book is going to pull off a sharp one-eighty and surprise the heck out of me.

I don’t think it’s Fred’s doing, because why would he do this? It makes no sense after all the trouble he’s gone to to arrange peace between Earth and Mars. That said … If, for whatever reason, Fred DOES turn out to be behind this, then his reason(s) for doing it will have to be massively important and hella convincing (to someone, if not necessarily to me). And that’s something else I can’t figure out yet. Why do this? Is it another case of someone getting the Dresden power-trip bug, or something else entirely? I DON’T KNOW AND IT’S KILLING ME.


Is it dead? Do you think putting it out an airlock was the right decision? (…although if you can think of any better ideas, I’m all ears)

<Excitable shrieking>

… Nope, no better ideas. Holy crap, this whole bit. The whole thing, man. Just. Whoa.

I don’t think it’s dead, but I’m not sure I see a plausible way to keep it tied into the story. I mean, it’s kind of quite literally jettisoned now? So … who knows?

Confession: I was a little surprised/disappointed to see it go that way when it did. I really wanted to know what it’s deal was, and if there was maybe somebody formerly human in there somewhere. Part of me had/still has this horrible sneaking suspicion that it turned up where it did because of Mei, whom we know was the last (important) character to see it… WHAT THE HECK HAPPENED THERE AND WHAT THE HECK IS HAPPENING NOW. AAAAAAH.


How many heart in mouth moments this week? I do not want to put this down!



Sneaky writers. Sneaky tricksy writers, letting us think Amos had been killed off! That actually gave me a moment of shock this week, so I’ve got to applaud them for that even while I’m shaking my fist over it. This is how you make a character’s death (life?) count! Now please NEVER DO THAT AGAIN. <Goes to lie down>





2 thoughts on “SF/F Read Alongs: Caliban’s War, Part 2

  1. Now I have this image as Holden as a cute puppy with a superhero cape and space suit.

    I think there was mention of Soron reminding Avasarala of her dead son. Perhaps this has her turning a blind eye to whatever Soron might be up to?

    Yeah…. I have this horrible feeling that monster that was jettisoned was maybe Mei not too long ago. After all, why follow Prax and crew to that particular ship? I really, really hope we are wrong in this suspicion.

    I’m pretty sure Amos would have been dead if he hadn’t been wearing his helmet. Non-lethal round or not, an up close and personal shot that can certainly be lethal.

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