Broken Homes, Part 4: Well. That Escalated Quickly.

In the fourth and final part of Broken Homes … See above, really.

Spoiler alert.



You know that thing where something you’re reading is good, but you’re not quite all the way into it yet, and then SOMETHING HAPPENS that you didn’t see coming and suddenly you have many questions and a whole new eagerness to keep reading?

This series just pulled that trick off on me. Well played, Mr Aaronovitch.

I mean, I’m still not madly in love with it? Yet? But the final chapters of Broken Homes gave me plenty to be happy about – well. I say ‘happy’ … While I am quite thoroughly in fresh awe of Thomas “Oh sorry, were you using that barn?” Nightingale (and, thanks to some chat with Muskedragon Anna, also shipping him and Varvara, the Russian witch/spy/entertaining badass), I have to balance that with my dismay over That Plot Twist at the end.

WTF, Lesley.

Has she turned her coat? Is Peter right about the nature of the deal she made with the Faceless Man? Or is Zach right about her real motive for making it? These are the questions I’m left with, and damn it, I just don’t know anything!


To be as fair as possible, I’m not convinced that she would betray Peter in earnest. For one thing, they’re friends. For another, it makes no sense, given how it’s played out. Up until it actually happened, I never once imagined she might do it. And to be as honest as possible … now that the shock’s worn off and I’m thinking it all over, I can’t imagine why she would do it. And that’s potentially a problem? If Zach is wrong and this isn’t a somewhat ill-advised double agent/double-cross ploy on Lesley’s part, then she has in fact betrayed her friends and jeopardised not only their lives but her own. And for what?

Peter thinks she did it in the belief that the Faceless Man could restore her face, but that raises so many red flags. For starters, there’s the whole ‘an excessive use of magic can rot your brain’ problem. And even if there’s a way around that, which I doubt at this point, DAMN IT LESLEY HE’S THE BAD GUY. You cannot trust the bad guys.

Can you?

No. NO. That way lies madness and a logic headache and ARGH I DON’T KNOW ANYTHING.

And also. ALSO. Where the heck does Beverley Brook fit in at this point? I’ve been made aware that the next book will feature her heavily, which I am assuming will take us down a different story path from the one Lesley is presently on … But what if it doesn’t? Does Beverley have resources and/or answers Peter needs? Or will this be a detour of a different sort? Not so necessary in that sense, but still relevant enough to warrant taking it?

I hope it’s one of those two, because otherwise these reviews are about to be filled with much frustration. THERE ARE THINGS I NEED TO KNOW. I swear, if this detour is an excuse for Peter to mope about being angsty and turning Beverley into a foil for that angst, I will not be pleased.

But that’s veering pretty close to judging the book before I’ve read it, so I will stop speculating there and read on, instead.




4 thoughts on “Broken Homes, Part 4: Well. That Escalated Quickly.

  1. I asked the question before we got to that point. Why is he faceless? Is it because he’s like Lesley? So my question was, instead, why has no one else asked that question….

    So to me it wasn’t a total shock, but I -was- pissed at her.

    1. That is a very good question! I just assumed he was hiding his identity, but then he’d still need a reason to do that… But now I’m wondering!

  2. I’m so glad this is your response. It’s where I ended up, but there was always a risk of an ex-book paper aeroplane on fire sailing out a window!

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