In the Labyrinth of Drakes, Part 3: In Which My Ship Comes In

In the third part of In the Labyrinth of Drakes, I should have buckled up. Spoiler alert.



I’ll just get right down to it, this week. In what might be the single most exciting example of “that escalated quickly” I’ve ever witnessed in a book, Isabella corrected her will-they-won’t-they misstep with Suhail with a big old leap, in true Isabella style, into YES THEY WILL territory. But she landed somewhere I did not expect her to land when SHE PROPOSED TO HIM. On the spot, in a very determined fashion, and thus filling my little shipper heart with SHEER JOY.

Take it away, Crowley.




There may have been some “SAY YES YOU FOOL” going on in the Muskedragons chat on Sunday night. Suhail, you lucky bastard, you.

BUT THAT’S NOT ALL. Let’s rein in the squee (just a little) and examine the text for a moment, because there is this little nugget of something:


I regret nothing of what I did that day (although I tease Suhail that I should have held out for more camels).



Does this mean that she and Suhail are still married at the time of her writing her memoirs? IS HE LORD TRENT TO HER LADY??

I don’t understand yet how that particular name change works, but oh sweet everloving baby teacups, I hope it works. This is the ship of my heart and I hope I’m right so very hard. Not least of all because it would be a fabulous way to thumb the nose at the Scirling upper class, and all the brandy-swilling windbags who look down their noses at Isabella. We’ve seen repeated incidents of condescension and attempts to rein Isabella in, in this book alone – and it’s felt worse than ever, both for what’s at stake and how hard Isabella’s railed against it.

A more cynical person than I am might wonder if maybe a little bit of Isabella’s reasoning behind that proposal has to do with said nose-thumbing, but I am not so cynical when the other option is trusting that she’s simply sick and tired of trying to be Proper. Screw manners. She’s in love!

You go, Isabella.

I feel almost sure there should be more to talk about this week, but honestly – it’s all flailing, all the time. I was actually giddy by the time I finished part three of this book. It was a lovely way to finish my week, and I’m going into the finale hoping my speculation about ‘Lord Trent’ is on the money. LET SUHAIL LIVE, BRENNAN.

If anyone needs me, I’ll be lying down and waiting for Sunday.




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