In the Labyrinth of Drakes, Part 4: Hooked on a Feeling

In the fourth and final part of In the Labyrinth of Drakes, I AM SO HAPPY. SO. HAPPY.

Spoiler alert.



I call this a review, but let’s be real. At this point, after everything, it’s going to be more of a love letter to this series.

So, quick recap:

After the emotional high of last week, where we Muskedragons finally got our heart’s fondest wish (for this series) and witnessed Isabella proposing to Suhail, this week got right back down to the nuts and bolts of archaeology and Labyrinth exploration, and oh, how glorious it was.

If Indiana Jones was researching Draconeans and investigating lost dragon breeds and their origins, it still couldn’t be more exciting and addictive than this. Give Isabella the hat and the bullwhip and my heart might just explode from all the love.

So the end of this book sees Isabella, Suhail and company make the groundbreaking discovery that finally made Isabella famous, and by the end she has become who we ‘now know her as’: Isabella, Lady Trent, thanks to land and titles bestowed on her (and Suhail!) back home in Scirland. Thus we go forth into the final book in her memoirs, but what is there left?!

That’s what I am so eager to find out that it’s becoming true torture to have to wait until Sunday! Ever since I finished Labyrinth, I’ve actually been unable to pick up anything else – all I want to read is more Lady Trent. Normally in this situation I can at least find something to distract myself with in the meantime, but not now. Not with this. I WANT IT SO BADLY YOU GUYS.

And yet. It will mean the end of this absolutely fabulous reading experience, and while there will always be rereads, I’m going into this a little bit sad that there won’t be any more. But it’s a warm and affectionate kind of sadness, because I have solid faith that whatever happens next will conclude Isabella’s memoirs perfectly. I’ve been far more impressed with Marie Brennan’s handling of this series, and all of its adventures, than I ever expected to be. I love that feeling, don’t you?

I want to know more about Draconeans. I want to see Isabella and Suhail enjoy the happily married life. I want Tom and Natalie to go places with their own careers. But all of that is, I keep reminding myself, getting a bit ahead of myself. Whatever the last book brings, I am very sure I’ll enjoy it as much as I’ve enjoyed everything before it.

It actually feels strange now, not to have anything remotely negative or even all that critical to say! But it’s strange in a good way. I am your Little Miss Positive, given half a chance, and this series has given that part of my brain free rein all the way. That’s probably really why I love it so much!

Augh, I give up, heh! I am going into the final book in confident comfort, and I both do and do not want it to end…



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