SF/F Read Alongs: Abaddon’s Gate, Part 2

In this week’s chapters, we finally start to get some answers to some of the mystery-fest built up in the first two Expanse books. On a related note, I’m starting to want to yell at certain characters…

This week we’re covering chapters 13 to 26, with questions posed by Sarah over at The Illustrated Page. If you’d like to join us or even just keep up with the read along, our full schedule (and weekly questions) are posted here.

Spoilers incoming!



After two books that built mystery on top of mystery, we finally get some answers. What revelation excites you the most?

It feels like the obvious answer, but after this week I’m all about finding out what’s really behind this “nothing” that can apparently eat entire galaxies and the beings they’re inhabited by like snacks. The ‘epic’ in this epic space opera is not messing around, is it?

And I have to say, I nearly screamed upon reaching the point where Miller gets cut off in his explanation of what Holden needs to do in order to hit Pause on the station’s “war mode”. Like the man says, could those Marines not have waited FIVE MORE MINUTES. GAWD.

(A tiny, eager yet terrified part of me is still holding out for something Cthulhu-like being behind all this, for the record.)


Was Holden right to head off on his own? And how do you think he’ll fare now that he’s been captured by the Martians? And is his crew still alive?

At this point it’s probably a given that Holden will respond to a crisis by doing something highly inadvisable and not very well thought out, so I feel like whether or not he chooses the right thing to do is somewhat beside the point… At least it gives us more drama to chew on!

As for what will happen to him next, AAAAH I HAVE NO IDEA. It’s one of those developments. I am on the edge of my seat over it, but I’m beyond being able to guess. Though I suppose that’s a good thing – I’ve learned by now to trust that whatever I think might happen will probably not be what actually happens! Corey’s very good at surprising me with the twists and turns, and I appreciate that. Even (especially) if it makes me want to scream.

And no way are the rest of the Roci crew dead. Right? I mean, come on. They’ve come this far. Surely Corey wouldn’t bump them all off like that.

… Right?!


On a related note, how do you feel about the new POV characters now? Are you warming to any?

I’m still fascinated by Melba, and enjoying Bull’s perspective, but as for actually warming up to any – I’d have to say Pastor Anna. Normally I don’t really latch onto religious types as POV characters, but there’s something about her that appeals to me. I appreciate that she’s not a zealot, but that she is still rather worryingly dedicated to what she sees as her calling, her purpose here. It reads almost like a flaw, given that it’s something she’s effectively putting ahead of her loved ones on the priority list, but from a curiosity angle, I can sort of understand it? There are things she wants to know, and she does genuinely seem to want to do good. What I still don’t see yet is how her story will tie in with the rest, but it’s definitely something I’m sticking around to find out.


Do you think Earth and Mars will agree to the OPA’s plan? Do you think they’ll be stuck forever in this weird starless place or will they get back home?

I think they don’t seem to have much of a choice, though that’s certainly no guarantee that they’ll let go of their egos enough to admit it and accept the help. If they do, I’m calling it now: it’ll be “a temporary measure” and before very long they’ll find some reason to drum up conflict again. It’s essentially a hot mess of military presence, after all – conflict is what they understand. So I don’t see any measure of peace that’s achieved lasting for much longer than it takes to ensure survival…

And yes, I’m definitely hoping they find a way back eventually. Or at least a way OUT…


Oh, and do you think that destroyer of worlds, strange darkness is still out there?

Oh, yeah. Probably. Most likely? I mean, if it can gobble up galaxies and apparently survive Armageddon-levels of firebombing, then what is there to stop it…?

Space Cthulhu laughs at your survival efforts, puny mortals!

Or something.



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