SF/F Read Alongs: Abaddon’s Gate, Part 3

In the this week’s chapters, people are being people, and it is giving me rage. Except for Amos, who keeps giving me life.

This week we’re covering chapters 27-40, with questions posed by Anna at There’s Always Room For One More. If you’d like to keep up with the read along (or even join us for future books!), here’s where we gather.

Spoiler alert!


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So, Ashford is a deranged man with a military force and a religious nut backing him up. Do you think the counter-coup will stick (or even stick together)?

I should have known that just arresting him in that coup would end badly. Bloody Ashford!

Though to be fair, I didn’t quite see the counter-coup coming. It doesn’t surprise me in hindsight, because the “logic” of the whole “what we’re facing is Evil, we must destroy it,” mindset of Cortez is entirely too damn real. But, yeah, I spent a good chunk of this week’s reading section wanting to bash my head against a wall. WHY MUST PEOPLE BE SUCH ASSHOLES. Who cares if we don’t really understand the first thing about this alien entity’s motives, right? We can’t comprehend it, therefore it is Bad and must be stopped. AUGH.

Not that I think Ashford is in this for any such noble reason, however dubious that reason is. Hell no, Ashford is in this because he got his face slapped and his command taken away, and he wants it back. Never mind that HE’S A FUCKING TERRIBLE CAPTAIN AND IT WAS HIS OWN DAMN FAULT. Oh, no. He’s looking out for number one, and I’m pretty sure it’ll all end badly for him when Cortez realises he’s more trouble than he’s worth and gets rid of him. Because it’s bound to come to that, right?

And do I think the counter-coup will stick together? Hell no. Because it’s made up of breathtakingly egotistical morons who care only for themselves, when you get right down to it. Ashford wants his ship back. Cortez I’m less sure of, but it seems to me that he’s given more thought to the glory this ‘mission from God’ will earn him than he has to the fact that IT’S AN INSANE PLAN AND WILL NOT GO THE WAY HE THINKS IT WILL.

Oh yeah, and he talked Clarissa Mao into protecting his ‘asset’, Ashford, for honour and glory and all that tripe. She sees a way to maybe not go down in flames after her attempt to ruin Holden failed so spectacularly, but let’s face it – she’s kidding herself just as hard as the rest of them.

*Takes a deep breath*


So we’re asking this question every week now. It’s a thing, okay? Where are you with the new characters NOW?

See above regarding Clarissa, heh!

Bull: I’m still not feeling the emotional investment entirely, where he’s concerned. I am worried that he’ll do himself more damage than anyone else might at this point, but at the same time I can kind of admire his dedication to not becoming a useless lump, and to doing something while he can still do anything to keep order on the Behemoth. I have some pretty strong doubts about how far he’ll get, truth be told, but who knows what might happen?

Anna: She’s definitely edging out in front as the new character I’m most interested in. I don’t agree at all with her views on Clarissa, though I do respect her for upholding them, in a way. She’s got a kind of Steve Rogers vibe about her, to my mind: She isn’t perfect, and some could say she’s too stubborn and bull-headed by half, but her heart is pure and she certainly doesn’t lack courage, even if she could perhaps use a little more caution, heh!


Confronted by Anna, the crew of the Rocinante have a big decision to make. What do you make of their response(s)?

One: Amos, I love you.

Two: Well, well, Alex! I was not expecting him to be the one to call Holden out for his rash, presumptuous response, though I am in complete agreement with him. Holden’s hurt feelings are not more important than Naomi’s decision to forgive Clarissa, after Anna’s plea. Naomi is the one who got hurt and nearly died at her hands; if she can be the bigger person, then all Holden is doing there is undermining her and putting his pride first. For Alex to call him on it might have been a surprise, but he’s right on the money, and I really liked Holden’s reaction. I can absolutely appreciate the way he sees Alex’s point and admits his misstep, especially in light of all the rage that’s been stoked elsewhere in these chapters for me this week.

Three: Amos, I fucking love you. Never change, Murdersnuggles.


So Miller’s back then, and it’s all falling apart. Predictions for the finale? Will they get home?

I still have absolutely no idea, and the tension is DELICIOUS BRAIN TORTURE. Will they go back, or be forced to go forward? Will the counter-coup defy my ragey, cynical expectations and somehow succeed? Will Team Rocinante/Behemoth hand them their asses and let me breathe easy again? I AM ABOUT TO FIND OUT. Seriously, the minute I’m done writing up this week’s batch of reviews, I’m going back in for the finish. I NEED TO KNOW.


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