SF/F Read Alongs: Abaddon’s Gate, Part 4

In the final part of Abaddon’s Gate, absolutely everything is on the line – and the end of humanity comes damned close to being a reality.

Spoilers below for the final chapters in this book, with questions from yours truly. And the schedule for Cibola Burn┬ácan be found here, if you’d like to join in!



It’s the question of the month, so I’ll ask it one more time! How do you feel about our newbie characters now, given the various states of fallout/conclusion for their stories?

I’m still sort of ambivalent about Bull’s character arc. He never really resonated with me, so the emotional investment that was needed to give his death any real weight wasn’t really there for me. I can appreciate what he did, but I wasn’t reaching for the tissues over it.

I feel more strongly about Clarissa – she was in a far better position to avert disaster, and there was so much more riding on her choice about whether to stand by or to stop Ashford. I was so relieved when she made the right call, and there was something very poetic about her using such a simple little thing she’d learned while she was ‘Melba’ to make sure that Ashford’s plan would fail. And while I don’t foresee her apparent redemption arc taking her much further than prison, in my heart I’m really pleased (and touched!) that she got to clean at least a little of the metaphorical dirt from her soul by spending what time she’s got on the Rocinante fixing things, and earning a little forgiveness – and friendship. Amos calling her ‘Peaches’ was so perfect and made me want to hug them both.

As for Anna, I was wondering if there might eventually be some larger role for her, something political, maybe? Part of me would like to see that, because Pastor Anna is a Good Person and could possibly do some real good. But on the other hand, she could also do that by going home to her family and her flock and continuing to be a pastor, and I think she’d be happier doing that, heh. So I’m satisfied with her ending, even if it isn’t terribly exciting on the surface. Someone’s got to ask the philosophical questions, right?


“…I remember caring without really caring, if you know what I mean.”

Miller pays Holden one more visit, though it seems he isn’t finished with Jim yet. What are your thoughts on what happens here?


OK, so “Miller” is a sort of avatar for the protomolecule, or whatever version of it was inhabiting the station and projecting him. And now it’s … what? Uploaded itself into Holden’s mind? We’ve been speculating that Holden had some sort of link to it, which is what allowed “Miller” to appear to him in the first place. So now he’s carrying it around with him? And for what?! WHAT IS IT GOING TO DO.

This can’t be good. This is not good, is it…

I really have no idea what’s going to come of this. All I have right now are flaily arms. HOLDEN.


“We can go through those gates, though. We can go there.”

Prediction time. Do you have any thoughts on what might come next? Or are you happy to just go along for the ride and see what’s what?

Well, aside from the obvious? There are open gates to other parts of the universe. I think humanity’s going to load up its ships and go exploring. It’s what we do. Of course, the more worrisome flip-side of that is colonisation, which I’m sure we all know has a ton of less than pleasant problems inherent in it. Will history have taught us anything, or…?

I’m guessing “no” at this point. Which is cynical of me, but consider the fact that large groups of humans generally don’t do anything neatly or tidily, or with much consideration for sharing. History has our grubby, bloody marks all over it, in this sense. So, assuming there’s anything out there to find, and I do assume that because duh, space is HUGE … Yeah. It’s going to mean trouble.

Where the Rocinante crew will fit into all this, I have no idea. But, while I’m a bit wary of the space colonisation idea, this is where I’m also excited to keep reading. I want more time with this crew – and with whichever new characters are coming on board next…

One thought on “SF/F Read Alongs: Abaddon’s Gate, Part 4

  1. I am now amused that I read HOLDEN as HOLD ME and that didn’t seem wrong.

    I hadn’t quite considered Miller being permanently part of Holden’s brain, but you’re right – that’s the implication, isn’t it? But then, he presumably already is – as he’s been haunting Jim all through Abaddon. So arguably it’s no different to what we’ve seen so far, but… well, we’ll see I guess!

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