Recap: September/October 2017

Bit of an oops today, because I realised I completely forgot to do a recap post last month. But with this month’s completed reading having been a bit … minimal, I suppose that means I’ve got more to add in catch-up mode! Let’s take a look back…


Books read

Bewitching Benedict (The Lovelorn Lads #1) by C. E. Murphy Р3/5

Artemis by Andy Weir (ARC) – 3/5

The Brightest Fell (October Daye #11) by Seanan McGuire Р5/5

Phasma (Journey to Star Wars: The Last Jedi) by Delilah S. Dawson – 4/5

Waiting on a Bright Moon ( Original) by J. Y. Yang – 5/5



Rivers of LondonFoxglove Summer | The Hanging Tree

The Memoirs of Lady TrentWithin the Sanctuary of Wings


SF/F Read Alongs

The Expanse – Cibola Burn | Nemesis Games


Tremontaine Season 3

TremonTEAM challenges: A Meal Fit For a Duchess | Who Am I?

Reviews (Episodes 1-3)


What’s Next?

Glad you asked, because as of today Sci-Fi Month 2017 is riiiiight around the corner! This year’s going to be a little different, as Rinn has decided to step down as host this year. I’ve agreed to keep the show running, though, and I’ve got an absolutely fabulous new co-host in the form of imyril. Events may be a bit less ‘formal’ than they’ve been in previous years as we find our feet, but the encouragement of fun will continue unabated! I AM VERY EXCITED. Let’s do this. Let’s go!


What Else is Next?

My regular Muskedragons group reads/weekly reviews will be taking a bit of a break from now until the new year, thanks to the demands of Sci-Fi Month in November and a heck of a lot of overtime being worked in December. I’m going to be hella busy with that right up until Christmas, so it’s best if I only have the minimal amount of blogging to consider. My Tremontaine reviews and posts will, hopefully, see me through – and there will be an extra-special Sci-Fi Month/SFF Read Alongs crossover as we take on Babylon’s Ashes, the sixth book of The Expanse!

Come December, I am hoping to keep up the reading if not the reviewing (something’s got to keep me sane), but it’s likely I will be pretty quiet for a few weeks. But! The Muskedragons will return in January, and I’ve got something pretty darned special lined up…

Watch this space.





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