SF/F Read Alongs: Nemesis Games, Part 3

In the third part of Nemesis Games, AAAAAAAAAAH.

*Deep breath*

Our host for this week’s round of flail-inducing high drama is Allie at Tethyan Books, and as always the details for this Read Along are over here on Goodreads. Now with that obligatory bit out of the way, let’s resume flailing, shall we?


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Marco has finally made his declaration. What do you think of it, and how Earth, Mars, and the Belt might respond?

Marco. Marco, Marco, Marco.

There is not a single ‘fuck you’ gif emphatic enough to adequately convey my feelings about this asshole. I hope Naomi burns his whole world down. Then we might get to see how he likes it. COME ON, NAOMI.

As for how Earth and Mars etc might respond … I honestly don’t know (aside from Avasarala letting him have it verbally, because come on), but I am betting we’ll see a fairly broad range of reactions/responses, from the Belt for certain. Marco isn’t just coasting along on wild fantasies where his motivations are concerned – this is playing on the arguably quite justifiable anger of many Belters, but it may also be playing on a good amount of fear as well. The significance of all those bitter, angry people having this guy standing up and declaring his intention to fight for their rights is most certainly not lost on me *looks at all the news* … It’s really driving home how dangerous this situation is, and how desperate these people must be feeling if any of them at all are backing Marco on this. But I can’t persuade myself that he speaks for every single one of them, so one of the questions I’m asking myself now is, can anyone in the Belt who hasn’t gone insane make a difference in whatever’s coming next? And will they try?


It looks like most of the Rocinante are making their way to Luna! Which of the four stories is most intriguing you at this point? What are your favorite highlights?

Oh god I want them all to make it there in one piece so badly. So. Badly.

I think all of the stories have intriguing elements, so much so that it’s really hard to point to one and go “I want more of this”! Alex and Bobbie are developing a really interesting dynamic; my knee-jerk reaction is to wonder if something romantic might come of it, but in all honesty I’m just enjoying it as it is. It’s awesome to see more of them, and to get more from them together is twice as awesome. Naomi’s story is earning all my feels, which I talked about last week, and of course there’s Amos and Peaches (yes I know that’s not her name, and no I don’t really care, she’s Peaches now and forever). I think my favourite highlight from this week has to come from their scenes, actually.

Their ‘deal’ with the militia dude is a perfect example of how Amos thinks and operates, while also doing something akin to what Alex and Bobbie are doing, and presenting them as two people forming a bond – they might be doing it under highly irregular circumstances (to put it really really mildly), but I don’t think that lessens the importance of what’s going on there. Clarissa Mao is a really unlikely candidate for Amos’s moral compass, but for all that she recognises when he’s doing something most people would call wrong, I don’t believe she cares enough about right vs. wrong to be either shocked at what Amos does, or intimidated enough to keep quiet about it. She highlights these things as odd behaviour at most, I think, but she accepts his reasoning easily enough. Is she what Amos needs? I’m not sure. But I still like them together. ‘Odd couple’ doesn’t even begin to cover it, but I find myself strangely charmed by this pair.


All the Rocinante crew are being put through a wringer. What do you think of the choices they’ve made? e.g., do you agree with Naomi’s priorities? Are Amos’s post-apocalyptic morals justified? Is it a good thing that Holden is keeping to the mission?

Amos I’ve talked about already, heh, so I’ll touch on Naomi’s story here. Do I agree with her need to get the hell away from Marco as soon as possible? Absolutely. Maybe she can save her son, and maybe she can’t, but I won’t lie: I want to see her get anywhere but there, at this point. I doubt anywhere is really safe anymore, but anywhere’s got to be safer for her, personally, than beside Marco. Whether he becomes a real danger to her, or he draws danger down on her (and on everyone else) thanks to what he’s done, it hardly matters. Get gone, Naomi, and do it fast. *Crosses fingers*

As for Holden, I am still really surprised that he is sticking to whatever plan there might be at this point. It’s a good thing, because Holden going off the rails right now helps absolutely nobody, but still. Our young pup’s growing up! It still pleases me to see that development in him.


The protomolecule has yet to rear its ugly head. Do you have any speculation on what Marco might be intending for it?

Absolutely none, because I’ve pretty much long since accepted that these books are going to play merry hell with anything like my speculations. I didn’t see any of what’s happened in this book coming, and for all of my flailing about it, I’ve happily accepted that everything is chaos and anything might happen. I only know that he can’t be planning anything good, for anybody. Although Dresden and Mao both thought they could handle it, and look at what happened to them. Hopefully, if the gods are kind, something will trip Marco up and take him down before anything (else) really terrible happens…


Seeing how the story is shaping up, which (if any) of the supporting characters do you think would make good additions to the Rocinante crew?

BOBBIE. Bobbie Bobbie Bobbie. *Bounces up and down, crossing fingers* Bobbieeeeeee!

I also really wouldn’t mind seeing Clarissa join the crew now, either. I know there’s a bit of a long list of reasons why it’s perhaps not the brightest idea, but my heart says she deserves the chance to not end up back where she was, and I’m banking on Holden not being cold enough to insist that she does. She has grown on me much more than she did the first time round, so she’d be my pick alongside Bobbie.




2 thoughts on “SF/F Read Alongs: Nemesis Games, Part 3

  1. I hadn’t really thought about Peaches in terms of her responses to Amos’s blunt pragmatism and violence. I mean, she’s not going to freak out given the things she’s done – but I think she’s also got a fairly huge streak of self-loathing (one day she and Naomi might need to have a chat about dark thoughts), and I wonder if her equanimity is partly driven by a sheer lack of care about what happens to her.


  2. Bobbie is my top pick for new crew member too! I’m also hoping to see some reaction from the Belt that is against Marco’s ‘grand’ statement. I figured he must be speaking to just a splinter of the community–the Belters have real grievances, but I bet the vast majority of them wouldn’t think slinging asteroids at Earth is justified.

    I agree Amos and Clarissa are pretty fun together! If they can work out a way to keep her as an official ‘prisoner’ of the Rocinante, maybe she could join? That could open the way for Filip, too, though I’m feeling far less charitable toward him right now.

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