SF/F Read Alongs: Nemesis Games, Part 4

In the fourth and final part of Nemesis Games, I am right on the edge of my seat as the big questions loom:

Will the Rocinante crew be reunited? Will Marco get away with what he’s done? And what’s going to happen with the protomolecule?! SO MUCH DRAMA.

This week’s questions are coming from Sarah at The Illustrated Page, and you can read on (minding the spoilers!) for more info on the group read along and what’s in store after my answers, below!


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So turns out Marco doesn’t have the protomolecule and that there’s a power behind the throne so to speak. Thoughts?

I am not entirely surprised to learn that Marco isn’t actually the man in charge, but a puppet for whoever is. Though it’s pretty obvious that this fact might have escaped his notice; Marco does not fall short in the ego department, and I’ve got to wonder if (when, and how) that will complicate things further down the line…?

But the more important thing is the protomolecule, and the fact that Marco doesn’t have it, because that means a) someone else does, and b) we don’t know for sure who that might be or what they want with it. It makes perfect sense that not everything would be revealed at this point, but then again … AAAAH THERE IS SO MUCH I DON’T KNOW. Well played.


Is everything over for Earth? What’s going to happen to all the people still on the surface?

It certainly looks pretty damned apocalyptic, doesn’t it. Global Thunderdome time, if you ask me.

Whether or not that means everything’s over, I’m not so sure. Maybe, maybe not? It definitely changes everything, though, and it will remain to be seen how far those changes will spread. How much good can a relief effort do when you’re trying to save an entire planet? I do not envy Avasarala at this point, and that’s before you take into account the political fallout of what’s happened, where Mars and the Belt are concerned.


Should Holden accept Clarissa as a new crew member?

I won’t lie; that development got me right in the feels, and I can’t help seeing it as a good thing for her, as well as an interesting (and possibly highly entertaining!) twist. We knew that the matter of the Rocinante needing more crew members was an issue that they’d have to resolve, and I say Yay. I can’t blame Holden at all for being reluctant, to put it mildly, but aside from the practicality of it (sending her back to prison is kind of pointless now), I think it’s a question of karma, as well as an opportunity to change Clarissa’s outlook. Putting her among some of the people she actively tried to kill is a rather poetic penance on one hand, and a chance for her to see life in a new light on the other. Though, with her own touchstone at this point being Amos Burton, I’m not entirely sure that will work out the way it should.

Having said all that, though, the thought of them sticking together is why I think it will be entertaining, so…

Go on, Holden. You know it’s the right call.


The question everyone’s probably been thinking about: what the heck was that thing in the epilogue?


Though I guess nobody went absolutely, hopelessly insane before they got annihilated. BUT I CAN DREAM.

Nah, really. I honestly don’t know, though my best guess is that it’s got something to do with that unstoppable universe-killer that we have yet to actually properly deal with…? Beyond that, all I can do is wait to read on and see. I AM DYING TO KNOW.


How do you feel about Nemesis Games compared to the other books we’ve read so far? 

I definitely think this has been my favourite book in the series so far, and after the rather disappointing reading experience we had with the last book, it was quite the breath of fresh air. Not to mention the way it DAMN NEAR GAVE ME A HEART ATTACK WHAT.

I loved it. Absolutely loved it. I loved the exploration of Naomi’s past and her character, the more intimate experiences with the rest of the crew, and aaall the mind-blowing drama to boot. 100% awesome. Yes.


Any hopes or fears for the next book?

Hopes: A fresh injection of character-focused plot/drama with the expansion of the crew (please, please say Bobbie’s sticking around too!), and just more expansion in general, with the world-building. I want to see more, go further, have more questions answered – and asked!




Whew! Well, that may be that for Nemesis Games, but before I go I want to update you all on the plan for Babylon’s Ashes, the next book in this series.

We will definitely be returning to The Expanse! But with November being dedicated to Sci-Fi Month I am going to be including the Read Along for Babylon’s Ashes in my participant schedule, such as it is at the moment. It will still be scheduled and run as usual over at the SF/F Read Alongs group, so you don’t necessarily have to sign up for Sci-Fi Month to take part, but the reverse is also true! The Read Along group at Goodreads is public, so you can join if you’d like to, or just follow along if you’re happy with simply watching the rest of us read, speculate, rant and/or flail helplessly. Everyone’s welcome!

See you next time…

3 thoughts on “SF/F Read Alongs: Nemesis Games, Part 4

  1. SPACE CTHULHU. I think we were all thinking it?

    Also – having had a fair amount of build up about the Thing That Could Demolish The Protomolecule’s Masters Empire, to have it be something that reduces you down to component atoms is not just reductive, it’s brilliant. It makes so much sense as the direct opposite of the protomolecule. And how on earth (or off it) can you deal with something like that when you’re only human?


  2. I think it’ll be fun to have Clarissa as a new crew member, too! This was such a great book, it makes me excited again to get to the rest of the series!

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