Permission To Land: A Sci-Fi Month Round-up


We made it, friends! Today is November 30th, and that means it’s the very last day of this year’s Sci-Fi Month event. I have a little sad, but I have a huge happy at how well everything went! Massive thanks to everybody who took part!

I didn’t get nearly as much book reviewing done as I’d hoped to, but I did get some fun things done and shared, and there are highlights all over the place. Check this out.


So, what did I get up to? I did get some neat stuff read, though admittedly I added waaaaay more neat-sounding stuff to my TBR this month (funny how that happens when you get a bunch of geeks together!). I also expanded my Star Wars horizons a little by reading From A Certain Point of View. Then there was the cross-over with SF/F Read Alongs for Babylon’s Ashes, which was suitably epic and blew various participant minds and if you’re not reading The Expanse (or watching the show!) WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR?!

When I wasn’t reading, however, I was watching SF movies I had previously never seen before, and livetweeting my reactions/thoughts/inevitable snark for the Twitter masses to enjoy! Here are some Storified highlights, if you missed the real-time fun:


Jupiter Ascending

Attack The Block


Elsewhere, I got to interview the absolutely fabulous K.C. Alexander, and we talked about her SINless series, transhumanism, Mass Effect and more! I also featured a guest post from Tim Pratt, who also had a sci-fi book release this month with The Wrong Stars. Tim wrote about writing better (more diverse) worlds, and what that means to him. Huge thank-yous to Kace and Tim for their contributions!

(I’ve got review copies of both books from the awesomely supportive-of-SciFi-Month folks at Angry Robot Books, and while I have yet to finish reading, I’m still terribly excited about them! /end promo)


Elsewhere on the interwebs, we had a fantastic month of reviews/discussions/fave lists/partridges in pear trees, and you can check it all out at the #RRSciFiMonth hashtag, or get a taste of some highlights courtesy of imyril, my co-host, over at There’s Always Room For One More.

We also got the chance to bring folks together on Twitter for a couple of awesome chats, with the hosting help of the lovely Jorie! (Guess where a whole bunch of those TBR additions I mentioned came from…) Jorie has been wonderfully enthusiastic all month about this event, and she’s quite the smart cookie, so if you aren’t following her, get on that!


Whew! I can’t quite believe it’s nearly December, folks. Here may be where I start to wind down for the blogging year, as Real Life gets in my way for a few weeks, but I plan to keep reading, and come back refreshed and ready for the new year. Many, many thanks to everyone who made this Sci-Fi Month a success, and for anyone who’s mad enough to stick around here after it – I will see you on the other side!


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