Welcome to Sci-Fi Month 2017!

Or, as I sometimes like to think of it, GEEEEEEKS! IIIIIIIN! SPAAAAAACE!

It’s that wonderful time of the year, when we (EVA) suit up, clean the TARDIS, rebel against the Empire, and generally just revel in our science fiction-loving nerdery. Join me!



As I’ve said elsewhere, this year’s a little different because, sadly, Rinn has decided not to host – but she has left those duties in my hands, and I’ve drafted a co-host to make sure that the event stays afloat. Hopefully we shall not let you down!

I’m lining up some pretty exciting things, including a special cross-over Read Along that anyone who is so inclined can join in on! I’m also hoping to have some guest spots, along with as many reviews as I can put together.

I’m planning a fairly eclectic reading (and viewing!) list, as well! I’ve got Star Wars, I’ve got indie sci-fi, I’ve got novellas … It’s going to be AWESOME. And I will be visiting other blogs, boosting posts, and chatting on Twitter as much as I can.





11 thoughts on “Welcome to Sci-Fi Month 2017!

  1. Yes, the TARDIS! Yeahhhhh *shows rock sign*

    Oh, you’re co-hosting now? Yeah, I was sad to hear about Rinn dropping out, but hey. It’s us writing the content after all, it’s not like SciFi Month will just die like that 🙂 I wonder what cohosting is all about? Will the @SciFiMonth Twitter be alive?

    1. Yes, the Twitter account is alive and well. Co-hosting really just means handling sign-ups, keeping the master schedule organised, making sure people know about the event and signal-boosting like heck across social media (which I encourage everyone to do, by the way!). Sci-Fi Month kind of belongs to all of us, as you say. And Rinn may very well return in future. We shall see!

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