2017, or How I Learned To Stop Pressuring Myself And Just Love Things

I’m still alive! My battle with seasonal overtime is over, and I stand victorious. Sore and pretty tired, but victorious! Also ready to bid farewell to this god-awful year. How about you?

Here’s to looking forward.


As I’d predicted at the start of December, I didn’t find much time for reading. The fact that I managed to read even one complete book was a bit surprising, frankly.

That said, the book in question was Susan Cooper’s The Dark Is Rising and why did no one ever tell me about this sooner? It was wonderful. I got chills. And now I want more mythology and folklore to read up on. So if anyone’s a fan of TDIR and has recommendations, fire away!



But now I’ve got a few blessedly peaceful days off before I have to return to a daily routine, and I plan to use them well. At this moment I’m juggling a ‘currently reading’ list that includes K.C. Alexander’s Nanoshock, which I am loving, and Jeannette Ng’s Under The Pendulum Sun, which a friend and trusted fellow blogger was very recently (like, I woke up to her flailing messages, recently) raving about. So those two are first and foremost on the agenda!

There’s also a bit of a Tremontaine backlog awaiting me, as I haven’t been able to keep up with December’s episodes very well. So there’s some binge-reading in order there, too. Oh, the hardship. Woe is me. *Cough* Anyway, I’ll be lining up several reviews there until I’m all caught up, and I’m looking forward to my return to Riverside!


But all of that is wrapping up what I started as 2017 comes to a close, and while we’re on that note, I wanted to talk a little bit about some stuff I’ll be putting to rest elsewhere in Rainbowland. Namely, some attitudes and outlooks that are not doing me any good, whether in regards to my blogging or just to my life in general. I come down too hard on myself for not writing about absolutely everything, or ticking every last To Do item off on my list, and it’s often gotten pretty bad up in the old brainspace before I come around to seeing what I’m doing to myself. What probably doesn’t help is that I have a bad habit of taking every whimsical little notion more seriously than I should, until it becomes painfully obvious that following through on it is just not going to happen. And then comes the self-flagellation.

Well, I say NO MORE.

If I read a book and I have sufficient thoughts/feelings regarding it, then it will get a review. Hopefully many of those will be for the backlogged ARCs on my TBR pile, but if not, I have to be better at remembering that it’s not the end of the world, and/or that 1000-word blog posts aren’t strictly necessary. Sometimes they’re just not going to happen, and I posit to myself that THIS IS OKAY.

Got that, self? It’s OKAY.

… On the flip side of this intended change to my habits, though, is the other pitfall I often encounter: leaving reviews unwritten until the very last minute, or for so long that I’ve forgotten some of what I wanted to say about a book. To be fair to myself, sometimes life gets in the way and this just happens. But sometimes it’s my own lazy fault, too. So to that, I say again, NO MORE. I need to be better about organising my time, so that’s another goal for the year ahead. We’ll see how I do.


Back to the bookish plans for 2018, though, because while most of them are still in tentative, early planning stages, I do have some projects (or ideas for them) lined up that are pretty exciting!

TheĀ Muskedragons! group reads will continue, and they will continue in January when my besties and I start reading The Chronicles of Prydain, by Lloyd Alexander. I seem to be the only Muskedragon who has never read them before, so that’s in keeping with the spirit of this group reading endeavour, which seems to have become “let’s all watch and giggle as Lisa discovers new things”. I’m looking forward to carrying on with it, and I hope you all enjoy my first-time reading experiences!



Elsewhere in Collaborative Blogger Land – and this one is still in the fledgling idea stages – I hope to soon be in discussion with a pair of fellow book bloggers to bring a new fantasy-reading/celebrating event to our shared online space, inspired by the sheer amount of fun we all had working together for Sci-Fi Month this past November. We love SF, but our hearts also belong to fantasy, and we wanted something in that vein to look forward to and prompt more/further exploration of that genre too. So look out for future updates on this – hopefully we’ll pull off something awesome for all of you!


And … I’m sure there was more to talk about, but it’s the very last day of 2017 and I have a messy flat, and that will not do for welcoming in the new year. So I’m off to clean all the things and to throw out a lot of the things so that I can sit down later and read, eat, and drink with a clear conscience.

Have a safe, warm and fun-filled Hogmanay, internet!friends, and I wish you all a happy New Year. Be fierce, be fearless, be fabulous, and I’ll see you on the other side!

4 thoughts on “2017, or How I Learned To Stop Pressuring Myself And Just Love Things

  1. Note to self: flail more quietly in a morning, it’s rude to wake your fellow bloggers up before they’re ready.

    Sorry about that.

    Now get thee back to Arcadia, the Pale Queen awaits and your soul still seems to be intact.

    (I haven’t laid in popcorn for Saturday night. Honestly. But I am so excited about Prydain)

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