I’m Going On An Adventure!

So you might have noticed a few rather mysterious teaser-style tweets about Something Fun popping up from me lately. Here is where I explain what those were about. And if you didn’t notice the tweets, don’t worry! Here is where I explain what they were about.

You ready?

OK. First, a little history.

Back in November of last year, when Sci-Fi Month was winding to a close, I got to chatting with a couple of blogger friends about how much of a good time we’d been having, putting Twitter chats and various other things together for the event (I co-hosted with a friend last year to cover for our esteemed event creator, Rinn, who’d decided to step down). That delightfully geeky yet vaguely wistful conversation then turned to a discussion about how we wished there was a similar event that we could enjoy which celebrated the fantasy genre. Naturally, this led to “…Hey, why don’t we put one together?”.

Reader, we’re putting one together.


Banner by @imyril


This spring, Jorie, imyril and I will be kicking off our very first Wyrd and Wonder online fantasy geekstravaganza! Now, I’m sure you have some questions, so here’s a little info, as we get things off the ground:


When is it happening?

We are planning to launch Wyrd and Wonder in May, and it will last all month long! Yep. Just as with Sci-Fi Month, our fantasy-fest will be 30 days of pure joyous geekery!


Who can take part?

You can. Yes, you! Even you, there in the back. And bring a friend. Seriously, whether you’re a blogger, a writer, a tweeter or even just a casual observer, you’re welcome to join us. All you need to be is a fan of the fantasy genre, and happy to show it some love!


How do I take part?

You can sign up here to let us know you’re interested (this is not mandatory, but it helps us to keep track of participants and navigate blogs, and so on). You can also follow @wyrdandwonder on Twitter, and when the event begins we’ll be visiting blogs to comment on posts, sharing links on Twitter, hosting chats … Whatever your social media preference, we’ll be doing our best to have something for everyone!


What will be going on?

Our actual scheduling of events is an ongoing process at the moment, but we’ll share a schedule nearer to May so that people can see what’s what.


Can I think it over before signing up?

Absolutely! We are baby event planners at this point, and there’s no pressure whatsoever on people to sign up. Whether you do it now, or on the last day of April – any and all participation is legit, and you’ll be made welcome!


So! If you have any other questions, or you want to talk ideas/collaboration/anything else participation-related, you can tweet at us – @wyrdandwonder – or contact us at wyrdandwonder(at)onemore.org and we’ll be happy to chat with you!



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