Tremontaine S3E10: A Blur Of Bright Water

In this episode, it’s time for reflection, careful plotting, and some introspection for good measure. It’s a very thoughtful episode from Tessa Gratton, and so I’ve been thinking about it a lot. Let’s discuss Tremontaine.

Taran Wanderer by Lloyd Alexander

Our journey through The Chronicles of Prydain continues! It stumbled a bit, review-wise, but I have found my feet again! And thanks to a bit of forgetfulness when it came to splitting the reading (whoops) this book is getting a complete review instead of a two-parter. But I thoroughly enjoyed it! Let’s talk about it. […]

Tremontaine S3E9: Sword and Spirit

In this episode, everyone is behaving surprisingly uncharacteristically – and Reza makes a very surprising move on Diane. Let’s discuss Tremontaine. Spoiler alert!

I’m Going On An Adventure!

So you might have noticed a few rather mysterious teaser-style tweets about Something Fun popping up from me lately. Here is where I explain what those were about. And if you didn’t notice the tweets, don’t worry! Here is where I explain what they were about. You ready?

Recap: January 2018

Whew! Goodbye, January – and with it, the winter blues! Hopefully. My reading mojo is returning at last, so let’s take a look at what I got through in the last couple of months.

Tremontaine S3E8: Behind the Mask

  In this episode, everyone’s facing new troubles – but no one is dealing with them quite the way I would have expected… Let’s discuss Tremontaine.

The Expanse Read Along: Persepolis Rising, Part 3

A certain element of the longer-arc plot starts bearing (terrifying) fruit this week, while the tension – and the stakes – are beginning to feel like they’ve never been higher… I’m scared. Spoilers follow for chapters 28 to 41.

The Black Cauldron, Part 1: Fate and Flaws

The Prydain Group Read continues into Book 2, The Black Cauldron! Join me for wild flailings, high amusement, some helpless yelling, and Something In My Eye… In other words, a regular Muskedragons Saturday night. Spoilers below!

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