Sci-Fi Month Giveaway #4

We have entered the final week of Sci-Fi Month, and while I have regrettably fallen way behind on the reading and reviewing I had hoped to get done, I refuse to let this be an end to my celebrating of science fiction! To that end, let’s have us the fourth and final giveaway of my […]

Sci-Fi Month Giveaway #3

  A new week of Sci-Fi Month means a new giveaway here, today! This time I’ve got something very different from the last, but it’s a book that kicks ass all the same…

Sci-Fi Month Giveaway #2

  Week 1 and Giveaway 1 of my joint Sci-Fi Month/4th blogeversary giveaway fest is complete, and it’s time for round two! A new week means a new giveaway, and happily it coincides with the release (tomorrow!) of the book in question…

Giveaway: Sorcerer to the Crown by Zen Cho

Hello! Today is looking to be a gloriously fine day in my little corner of the world, and what better way to improve it further than by declaring that I have TWO COPIES OF SORCERER TO THE CROWN TO GIVE AWAY. Oh yes. Newly minted, marvellously shiny, SIGNED BY THE AUTHOR and waiting for good homes! […]

Science Fiction, an Anniversary, and Free Stuff!

You’re staying for the free stuff, aren’t you? I know. It’s OK. I would too. But that’s the best, and thus I shall save it for last. Today begins the second week of Rinn Reads Sci-Fi Month, and it also marks the third anniversary of this little internet asylum of mine!

Welcome to Sci-Fi Month 2015!

IT BEGINS! And what a post-fest I have in store for you guys right here, over the next four weeks. To start everything off, I’ve even got a giveaway for you! Read on…

Announcing the Golden City giveaway winner!

So this post is a little bit later than I’d intended thanks to a busy day and a scatterbrain, but here it is – the winner of The Golden City giveaway, courtesy of J. Kathleen Cheney!

Guest Post & Giveaway: J. Kathleen Cheney, author of the Golden City series

Today sees a fresh addition to my Guest Book, with a post courtesy of J. Kathleen Cheney, author of the Golden City series! Check out her thoughts below on the realities (and possibilities!) of editing books. And while you’re at it, stay for the giveaway link! But for now it’s over to Kathleen…

Spotlight & Giveaway: Some Fine Day by Kat Ross

Yo! Free stuff! Now, you might have heard of or, like me, even read this book prior to the collapse of Strange Chemistry. However, last summer the happier news broke that Kat’s novel had been adopted by Skyscape. As of February 17th, it will be officially back out in the world, and to celebrate, Kat and Skyscape have […]

Excerpt & Giveaway: Exit Wounds, by Tim Marquitz

Today, we have a new entry into my New Series to Read category – this may not be the first book in said series, but this info on Exit Wounds by Tim Marquitz has definitely got me interested in checking it out…

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