The Tombs of Atuan (Earthsea #2)

We’ve come from the ends of the earth to the darkness beneath it, as my journey through the Earthsea books takes me to The Tombs of Atuan… Spoilers follow!

A Wizard of Earthsea

Wizards and islands and spells, oh my! As I get acquainted with Ursula Le Guin’s classic fantasy series for the latest round of Muskedragons adventures, let’s discuss A Wizard of Earthsea.  

Earthsea: Reading Schedule

Hello there, friends and enemies! Just a quick stop today to detail the plan for my upcoming foray into the next unread fantasy classic here at Casa Rainbow – Ursula Le Guin’s Earthsea trilogy!

The High King, Part 2 (Chronicles of Prydain #5)

We have come to the end of this journey, and my heart has been broken and mended and broken again. Move over, Lord of the Rings. (Spoilers follow for chapters 11 onward!)

The High King, Part 1 (Chronicles of Prydain #5)

In the first half of THE FINAL PRYDAIN BOOK (*tiny sob*), not much is what I expected, but everything I wanted. Also it is SUPER DRAMATIC. Spoilers for chapters 1-10 follow.

Taran Wanderer by Lloyd Alexander

Our journey through The Chronicles of Prydain continues! It stumbled a bit, review-wise, but I have found my feet again! And thanks to a bit of forgetfulness when it came to splitting the reading (whoops) this book is getting a complete review instead of a two-parter. But I thoroughly enjoyed it! Let’s talk about it. […]

The Black Cauldron, Part 1: Fate and Flaws

The Prydain Group Read continues into Book 2, The Black Cauldron! Join me for wild flailings, high amusement, some helpless yelling, and Something In My Eye… In other words, a regular Muskedragons Saturday night. Spoilers below!

The Book of Three, Part 2: What Have We Learned?

In the second half of The Book of Three, things are still escalating quickly – but Taran finds time to learn a thing! (With a little help from his friends.)

The Book of Three, Part 1: Bring Home The Bacon?

In the first part of The Book of Three, we are so obviously on a quest. But someone seems to have forgotten something… This review covers chapters 1 to 10 of this book, and will contain spoilers.

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