Recap: September 2016

October is here! This means soup and applesauce and yummy sweets and seasonal tea. It also means a jaunt into as much horror/dark fantasy as I can fit into my reading time this month. BRING IT. But! Before I get to all of that, let’s look over what September brought…

Recap: July 2016

August is almost here! And rather than flailing over where the time has gone, right now I’m flailing in excitement because I can’t wait for it to arrive! That’s right. I am about to embark on two weeks of Being Outside and Doing Things. But before I get my absence on, let’s look back at […]

Recap: March 2016

March has just about come to an end, and April is promising to bring a LOT of bookish goodness with it – but before I dive into that, let’s look back over what I got done in the last month…

Recap: February 2016

So technically we have one more day of it left, but I’m calling February done here on the blog! Let’s take a look at what got done, and at what’s coming up…

Recap: January 2016

Well. January was kind of miserable, wasn’t it. But! At least it’s over now, and February can be about pancakes and chocolate and all of it gets to be for me and nobody else. *Starts hoarding* But in the meantime, here’s a look back at all the bookish and bloggish stuff I got done in […]

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