Recap: March 2017

So March has been sadly lacking in the reviews department – but this doesn’t mean I didn’t get through some great books! Just that my writing brain keeps letting me down. Thanks, writing brain. But I shall get past this, and until then we have recaps! Let’s take a look at what got done.

Recap: February 2017

HOW IS IT MARCH. In other news, it’s March! Maybe now the weather will stop torturing me. Then again, I had hayfever symptoms yesterday so maybe it won’t. Heck. At least there will always be books to read! Let’s go over what February brought…

Recap: September 2016

October is here! This means soup and applesauce and yummy sweets and seasonal tea. It also means a jaunt into as much horror/dark fantasy as I can fit into my reading time this month. BRING IT. But! Before I get to all of that, let’s look over what September brought…

Recap: July 2016

August is almost here! And rather than flailing over where the time has gone, right now I’m flailing in excitement because I can’t wait for it to arrive! That’s right. I am about to embark on two weeks of Being Outside and Doing Things. But before I get my absence on, let’s look back at […]

Recap: March 2016

March has just about come to an end, and April is promising to bring a LOT of bookish goodness with it – but before I dive into that, let’s look back over what I got done in the last month…

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